December 21, 2021
Update: December 22, 2021

For Those Caring for All of Us


Our Response to Omicron

The latest surge of COVID illnesses are overwhelming the healthcare system — and pushing the dedicated, caring people working in those health service positions far beyond what they might have thought themselves capable.

ETS for Humans is for those sudden, unexpected jolts. It's also for daily support during those times when your day seems full of nothing but jolts! It offers support and stabilization as you move through this significantly challenging time, so you can keep breathing and thinking as you process what's happening and forge ahead.

ETS now

Everyone working in a hospital or urgent care clinic, all EMTs and paramedics, everyone working at a COVID testing site or working in any emergency or daily service capacity assisting (and therefore exposed to) people who are sick:

Take one dropperful (10-12 drops) of ETS for Humans
five times daily and whenever you feel especially hit.

To help you with this, Perelandra will send a free 2-oz. bottle of ETS for Humans to you on request, and as needed through this particularly difficult time. Just use this page to order your bottle:

Free ETS for Health Workers >>


NOTE #1:   If you qualify for this free ETS, you also qualify for our Perelandra Responds discounts on Solutions and Essences.

NOTE #2:   If you know these workers and would like to gift them ETS, a nice card will be included with each bottle that gives this simple explanation of ETS and directions for how to take it.



For All the Rest of Us

Our health care workers are overwhelmed. For two years, they have been putting in an extraordinary amount of extra hours, giving us everything they've got — caring for the very sick and infectious, the dying and the families of those dying.

They have put themselves and sometimes their families at risk, and they have sacrificed precious time with their families to serve others. And they need our help.

Think you're tired of the pandemic and how it's impacted your life? Imagine the impact on EMTs, nurses, doctors, specialists like respiratory therapists, assistants and hospital support staff. Imagine how tired they must be.

They are asking, some begging us to take precautions, wear masks and avoid exposure risks. Please show them some love that isn't just lip service. Put them first — those who have been caring for us and our loved ones. Don't add to their burden. Do what they ask. Perhaps sacrifice a little something in return. Even if that means softening a stance.


Crisis ETS Service

This service enables us to provide ETS for Humans to anyone (not only health workers) who needs it but may not be able to afford it right now. We will continue to offer this service as long as we are reasonably able to do so.

If you're in an environmental, health, family or economic crisis and feel stuck at the idea of putting out money for ETS, just ask us for a bottle of Crisis ETS, or add it to your online order.