Who is that naked man that I see on several of your web pages? And that bag lady and skunk, who are they? Here. Here. Here. And here.
The Naked Man appears in Machaelle's book, The Mount Shasta Mission. He plays a significant role, but you'll need to read the book to find out what it is. The Bag Lady and Petunia the skunk first appear in the book, Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon. They reappear in The Mount Shasta Mission, as well. All three characters decided they wanted to jump into this new web site and help you figure stuff out. And all three characters are the product of Jim Brisson, Machaelle's friend, her long-time collaborator on all her book designs and the artist who did the artwork for both Dancing and Mount Shasta.

How do you pronounce the word kinesiology?
"Kinesiology" is easy to pronounce. It only looks awful. It's "ken-ease-ee-ahl-a-gee."

Why does Machaelle use the generic masculine in her writing (i.e., mankind, man and nature)?
Because of what Machaelle has learned through her work, she has a deeper understanding of the complexity within humans. The human soul embodies a balance between both male and female dynamics. Those two dynamics remain a part of every person, no matter what lens (male body / female body) the person is expressing through within a lifetime. Machaelle uses the generic masculine words in her writing as a celebration of that part of the woman writer that is masculine.

Does Machaelle give private consultations?
Due to time constraints, Machaelle does not offer private consultations. We hope that the material we publish, the annual open houses and the Question Hot Line will address your questions and needs.

Do you have any job openings?
We periodically have full-time jobs available in our Customer Service, Mailroom and Production Departments. If you are interested in learning more, click for current Job Openings and details.

Can I volunteer to work at Perelandra or apprentice in the garden?
We do not offer volunteer or apprenticeship programs at Perelandra. The Perelandra processes are designed so that anyone who wishes can learn how to use the tools and materials on their own. We are happy to provide technical assistance and support for using Perelandra information and encourage you to contact us when you have questions.

I'd like to visit Perelandra. Is that possible?
Unfortunately, we are closed to visitors. Perelandra is a private home, as well as a nature research center — not a community — and cannot accommodate unannounced or unscheduled visits. We appreciate your understanding in this and hope that our virtual open house and recorded workshop DVDs address your need to visit Perelandra. Please do not try to visit us unannounced.

Do you offer certification programs?
We do not offer certification for Perelandra Essence practitioners. We teach and encourage everyone to learn how to effectively use the Essences for themselves and their families.