ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens and
ETS Plus for Plants


My friend Nancy tells me, "My business is down, way down."

"Is it due to the season?" I ask.

"That's part of it, but it has never been this bad," Nancy replies.

"Are you doing the ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens 11-drop process?" I ask.

"Oh, I forgot all about it," is Nancy's response. "Thanks for reminding me. I'll start doing it tomorrow. Now that you mention it, I used to receive good results from doing it. The other two women who work out of my office are also complaining about their lack of business, so I will tell them about it as well."

"Let me know how it goes," I remind her as we end our phone conversation.

A few weeks later the phone rings and it is Nancy with an update.

"I can't believe it," she excitedly tells me.

"What's happening?" I ask.

"I'm doing the 11-drop process at my business every day and my business has really picked up."

"That's great," I respond.

"Furthermore," Nancy continues, "the two women who work out of my office are doing the process as well and they happily told me their business is up."

"Isn't that something," I reply.

"Not only that, my husband has begun doing the 11-drop process for his business and he is amazed at how many good creative ideas he is receiving."

"Well, all of this is wonderful," I reply. "I am having good results with the ETS Plus for Plants 12-drop process," I continue.

"What's happening?" Nancy asks.

"You know the two oleander trees in front of my house?"

"Oh yes, they used to be so beautiful when they were in full bloom."

"Well, apparently a blight has hit many of the local oleander trees, including mine. The buds looked all dried up and brown, and there were lots of worms hanging from the trees.

"Ugh," says Nancy.

"So I began doing the 12-drop process for plants every week and within two weeks the trees started to bloom properly; now there are a lot of flowers on the trees and the worms are gone.

"That's great," responds Nancy. "These processes are so simple and yet very powerful."

"I know," I comment. "Aren't we lucky we found Perelandra?"

"Absolutely," Nancy replies.

— M.S., Los Angeles, CA