Flower Essences

I called Perelandra one Tuesday evening because I had not received an order placed the week before. The next day, Perelandra called me back, explaining that they had called UPS and were told that the package had been delivered that Monday at 3 p.m. I checked all my doors and assured myself it had not been; furthermore, when UPS called later that day, they confirmed that it had not been delivered.

UPS opened an investigation and, since I needed the package ASAP, suggested that I order a replacement. I called Perelandra and set this up. I felt relieved; then, about half an hour later, I got in my car and discovered the package on the passenger seat — much to my amazement. Of course I came back in and called Perelandra immediately. The wonderful person I spoke with, Annie, sounded as shocked as I was that the package had been left in my car instead of at my door. She said she would call UPS to straighten everything out. While I was telling her that I couldn't believe what they had done, I suddenly had a very severe pain below my left shoulder blade. Within a few minutes, I realized that a rib had become dislocated and I could not move nor breathe without a lot of pain. This same rib had dislocated a month or so before and required chiropractic assistance, so the pain was quite familiar.

I started taking ETS immediately, over fifteen to twenty minutes, then realized that more was obviously needed. Since I was in great pain, I called my next client to cancel our session and sat down with the essences to do a MAP session. I was guided to telegraph test the focus and began doing so. A peeling began that didn't end until 32 rounds later. Never have I done such an extensive peeling. On the 25th round, I suddenly had a very clear (and unexpected) memory of a person delivering a package to me on Monday around 3 p.m. as I was walking out the door to take a walk. I thought it was a new U.S. mail carrier because she was driving a little car. Without even looking at it, I set the package in my car and continued on my walk.

Since I had not driven anywhere since then, I had completely forgotten all about it. Yet when I accused someone of doing something that I had done myself, my rib actually popped out of place. If this wasn't wild enough, the final core issue as indicated by the essences dovetailed precisely with a Two-Week Essences Process I had already been doing.

As usual, I'm awed by the power and simplicity of using these tools. And yes, my rib is back in place. Still tender, but no longer dislocated. After finishing that extensive essence process, I continued working for another six hours, primarily pain-free and breathing just fine. The underlying issue of my two-week process involved releasing fear and embracing humility, faith and unconditional love. Letting go all illusions of victimhood was necessary. When I made myself a victim of UPS (day 9 of my Two-Week Essence Process), my body reacted. Days 5 to 7 found me with a high fever and a kidney infection, both of which were relatively painless and cleared easily, although they were accompanied by very interesting dreams and "visions" during MAP sessions. All of it related to my moving from fear into empowerment.

I've written numerous stories about applying Machaelle's work for a magazine here in Asheville, but this one I wanted to share first with Perelandra because you were directly involved. I thank you from my deepest heart for this amazing help.

— L.D., North Carolina