MBP Balancing Solutions

I thank you very often in my thoughts, and it's high time I did it formally. I thank you for three of us — two cats and me. (The other people who I've introduced to Perelandra and who benefit from your work, I'll let thank you themselves.) Me first: I have dubbed myself a coning fool and use the soil-less garden techniques for just about everything imaginable, big and small. I'm a steady practitioner of MAP sessions, and I use the MBP Digestive System Balancing Solution and the Seasonal Balancing Solution daily. I make myself a yearly essence solution for seasonal allergies and other specific solutions for particular situations as my MAP team indicates. This has been true for nearly four years. I've undertaken the nature class with some deeply moving and meaningful results, and I've worked with the MBP. So I'm pretty deeply into this way of operating in the world, and the quality of my life has gotten more and more wonderful with each step. Thank you enormously from me.

Now these cats. I have a smart, sweet thirteen-year-old cat named Bess, short haired, white with a black tail, allergic to seafood and sensitive to flea control measures. About two years ago, she developed a horrid condition on the back of one leg. It itched, and she licked it so often and so diligently that she licked the fur off — and then a layer of skin.

Early on, I rushed her to the vet who gave her a course of cortisone shots, which slowed it down a while but also knocked out her immune system, so she got a bladder infection, which led to antibiotics and a very unhappy cat and person. And of course, the condition came right back and spread farther along her leg. I tried homeopathic salve, but she licked it off immediately.

So we tried another vet, who took the precaution of finding out what was happening as best he could: no cancer as feared but quite a raging infection by then. So we tried an antibiotic with similar results: the itch slowed for a while, then came back bigger and better than ever. By now months had passed, and larger areas on both legs were increasingly raw and bleeding.

About that time, last year's Perelandra catalog arrived, and in looking through it, I found the little article about giving your cats and dogs the MBP Immune and Lymphatic Systems Balancing Solutions to help the flea situation, and I thought that was a great idea for Bess. So she's gotten both in her food, morning and evening, for about a year now. The fleas are no problem — and her legs are more than 90 percent healed! She's got skin and fur on both legs and has just a few little places that she keeps working on. And I have perfect faith that in time, those will be healed, too. So for Bess, thank you!

And because of the unexpected and dramatic help Bess got, I gave a friend a set of the solutions for her cat, Lucy, who is only five or six and had been getting thinner and thinner and sicker and sicker and finally very bald over some months. She was diagnosed with feline HIV, so there wasn't anything to lose if she tried the MBP Balancing Solutions. And now, about six months later, she has quite a lot of fur back and is again energetic and loving, though she still looks a bit like a Martian sort of cat. So thank you from Lucy and her person!

Thank you from all of us.

— M.S., Santa Barbara, CA