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A lot has changed in our world. The Perelandra Garden Workbook by Machaelle Wright has only become more useful and timely. Many of you have decided to garden, and there are plenty of good reasons for it.

  • Grow your own food
  • Supplement your frozen meals with fresh vegetables
  • Plant a bed of cutting flowers to add joy and beauty to your days at home
  • Keep your spirits up by spending the sequester in your garden
  • Fresh air and no people!
  • Break into a smile each time you pass your flower bed or pot-full of colorful posies
  • Evoke smiles for passersby with a blooming garden
  • Grow bunches of fresh herbs that you can bundle and leave as gifts on your neighbor's doorsteps (Spicing up that 42nd pot of rice makes it a whole new meal!)
  • Exercise. Who needs a crowded gym?!
  • Support your local plant nurseries when everyone needs a boost
  • Climate change isn't going away while we deal with the new coronavirus. Partner with nature and use this time to help your little corner of the planet.

This is not your run of the mill gardening instruction manual. This is your manual for forming a partnership with nature, and letting nature give you the setup that's right for your garden and environment. This Workbook is your key to communicating directly with nature (no special skills required!). It's for any kind of garden and it will help you better understand and address wildlife in your environment too.

"Machaelle's instructions are so crystal clear.
That's the great joy of the Perelandra processes.
It's so easy to follow her directions." — M.B., West Virginia

If you're still considering The Perelandra Garden Workbook, with its vitally important, environment balancing, life altering — and easy — steps for working with nature, plus over 400 vivid color photos: We know you're interested in what Perelandra has to offer because you signed up to receive this email. You may be lightly interested, use some of the Perelandra Solutions, work with MAP or have read Machaelle's autobiographies, but you've never considered the Garden Workbook. After many years of people using the Workbook successfully, we can confidently say you are in for a pleasant surprise. We hope you'll consider it now. It's not just for gardening. With everything that's going on these days, it's also for the planet.

Not in a position to garden right now? If you have already "read all the books" and "watched all the Netflix" during your days spent self-isolating, you should know that The Perelandra Garden Workbook is a pleasure to simply read from cover to cover.

A Note About the New Workbooks

We got a sneak preview of the advance copies and can tell you this is a beautiful edition. There was one little surprise. This first printing includes an accidental extra page. Just inside the front cover, you'll find a blank page with a red frame. It's called a "slip sheet" and it was supposed to come out before the books were bound. Instead, you can consider it a special bonus page for notes or recording your own personal significant gardening milestones.

Already have the Garden Workbook binder edition?
Order a Binder Update Packet HERE.


Be a Change Maker with Nature, Your Partner in Life's Garden

We often say, "Nature has the solutions." However, that statement alone isn't particularly useful to you. So we'd like to give it context and explain what that means.

For any solution to have strength, power and stability, it must have balance. So for every decision we make in life, every change we implement, we have to include nature to provide the solution's balance. Nature knows balance. If we don't include nature, we will make decisions that we think should be made based on our own more limited knowledge and understanding. These decisions are what Machaelle calls "human think." They are human-dominant solutions. In light of everything we're facing now, it's obvious our human-think decisions haven't worked out too well over the years.

Following the steps and processes laid out in The Perelandra Garden Workbook, you will experience nature leading you as you gradually and carefully unwind the imbalanced aspects of your environment and your life, and rebuild them in balance.

(For more, see Be a Change Maker with Nature)

Worried about how to get your plants and garden supplies?

Greenhouses, farmer's markets and plant nurseries are coming up with creative ways to keep making plants available while at the same time keeping customers safe. Some local nurseries are offering online ordering, curbside pick up. And if you don't have a place locally to support, there are lots of quality farms, plant and seed companies online, well practiced at shipping plants and garden supplies.

If you have any interest in Perelandra and Machaelle's research, you will appreciate this book. And if you have never gardened a day in your life, refuse to eat vegetables and really love your plastic houseplants, you will still appreciate this book.

Excerpt from The Workbook
Everything you know that has gone into establishing your sense of order, stability and balance, namely logic — in gardening, farming, ranching, landscaping, forestry, lawn management, pond management and in every other area of your life — will be challenged. For you see, even though The Perelandra Garden Workbook is presented through the prism of the Perelandra garden, this gardening is a metaphor for the whole of life. As you change how you approach your garden, you will, in turn, change the very fabric of how you approach everything else in your life.

View the Table of Contents and all of Part 1 here (5 mb).

"The Workbook is fabulous. It's laid out more organically and it just flows. The translations seem much clearer for me now. Just about every stumbling block I had before has been cleared up. I am so stoked. Now I really feel like I can do it without being overwhelmed. Big thank you to Machaelle!" — T.R., Question Line Caller


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