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Gardening Series, Part 3
Getting the seed and plant lists for your co-creative garden.

Revised: April 2021

The Gardening Series


Are you holding back or having trouble finding your motivation to try this partnership with nature?

Moving forward with your co-creative garden is important and beneficial. If approached with an eager-to-learn, curious and determined attitude, this will reduce stress and give you a chance to make positive planetary change — in your own back yard. (Learn More)

The foundation you build now with your nature partner will become your support in many areas of your life.

Your partnership will also give you the answers to increased environmental challenges.

Still not motivated? (Really?!)

Read Machaelle's Final Thoughts from The Perelandra Garden Workbook.

You must be ready to start now! Begin here with Part 1.

Did you jump in two weeks ago? Have you already completed Parts 1 and 2?
You'll want to get moving on Part 3 as some seed and plant companies are asking their customers to allow up to 30 days for order processing and delivery.

This next part is fun, exciting and full of discovery. Let's get on with it!

Gut Gardeners

Open The Perelandra Garden Workbook to page 24 and find the last paragraph that starts, "Seeds and Plants." Just read this one paragraph and the sidebar.

Before you begin, read your DDP to refresh your memory about your stated goals for the garden. Hit your start button! Then enjoy choosing seeds and plants for your new garden.

TPGW p24

2.0 Gardeners

Start on page 123 of the Garden Workbook and read through page 126. It's just four pages and includes sample charts!

Set aside about an hour of quiet time to start. Then make a cup of tea, settle in at your desk or table (with your computer if you're following the trickes on page 125), read your DDP, hit your start button, and have fun!

TPGW p123

A Handy Head Start

If you have never ordered from seed and plant companies and have no idea where to begin, we have listed a few below that carry organic and heirloom seeds and plants. Some offer a full variety of conventional, hybrid, organic and heirloom. Many have a good master list to work from. You aren't required to work with just these companies. We have worked with many different good seed companies over the years.

Wherever you search, there are many wonderful home gardeners sharing their seeds online. And remember to support your local family-owned nurseries and farms. You might even find what you need at your farmer's market. You want what is best for your garden, in light of your DDP.


Southern Exposure

Baker Creek

High Country Gardens

American Meadows

Grow Organic

Select Seeds

Seed Savers Exchange

Eden Brothers

onion seeds

These two have good master lists to use for testing which vegetables, herbs and flowers you'll need.

Park Seed

Johnny's Seeds

Anytime you feel overwhelmed or get stuck, call our Question Hot Line. We will encourage you, get you unstuck and help you keep it manageable and simple.

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Wednesdays, 10-8 ET

The Gardening Series