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Perelandra Processes: Going Down?

In the summer of '97 my husband and I moved to the ninth floor of an apartment building in NYC and were immediately faced with the problem of cockroaches. One day, as one was traveling across our counter, I connected with it. I expressed that I would respect the species and their space (a.k.a. would not crush, poison or harm them in anyway) if they would respect mine (stay out of my home). This worked wonders. On occasion, I would see them in the halls and in the basement of my building and treat them like the ex-roommates/ good neighbors they had become. In the early months, one or two would cross my threshold. In an effort to maintain my part of the agreement, I would gently catch them in a paper cup and place them safely outside the building. One night, late, as I was getting ready for bed, a huge roach showed up in the bathroom. Because I was half dressed, I asked my husband if he would please take it outside for me. When he returned within a minute, I scolded him and then informed him that throwing the roach out the window did not honor the agreement. He simply replied that he had fully honored the agreement but did not feel he had to personally escort the roach all the way to the first floor. He had placed it in the elevator and pressed "one."

M.R., New York, NY