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Update: May 2020
Local Insect and Disinfectant Spraying

Around the world cities and towns are being sprayed with disinfectant in hopes of curtailing the spread of coronavirus. There are reports of some countries testing the possible use of insect repellent instead of a diluted bleach solution disinfectant.

In addition, localized, on-the-ground insect spraying and broad aerial spraying of insecticides will begin in communities across the Northern Hemisphere as usual. The further south you are, the sooner the spraying will start, if it hasn't already.

Here, we're going to give you the Good, the Better and the Best options for using the Perelandra tools to support yourself and your family, plus suggestions for supporting your companion animals, land and garden from the adverse impact of chemical sprays. The sooner you implement the options, the better prepared you'll be.

The Good Option:
ETS for Humans

Take ETS for Humans daily from the day spraying starts until one month after spraying stops. Take one dose (10-12 drops), five times daily for the first two weeks. Then take it twice daily for the remaining time.

The Better Option:
Immune & Lymphatic

In addition to taking ETS for Humans daily, take the MBP Immune and Lymphatic Systems Balancing Solutions twice daily from the day spraying starts (or sooner if you can) until one month after spraying stops.

The Best Option:
PIC List Testing

Find out what chemical they're spraying. When you find out, even before spraying starts, do a PIC List Test with the focus: "The health effects of _________ (insert name of chemical) during this spraying." Continue all of the retests for this focus until you test clear. You will need to do a separate PIC List test for each member of your family as well.

Note: You don't need to know PKTT and you do not have to own every bottle to test the PIC List and find out what you need!

PIC rose

Already Taking ETS, Immune and Lymphatic?

Many of you are ahead of the curve because you've been taking the Perelandra Solutions recommended in the Good and Better options for several months now. You can simply continue your current twice daily doses. You do not need to increase or "double up" on what you're already taking each day.

PIC cat

About Your Animals

Give them one daily dose of ETS for Animals (or simply continue their daily dose). Start as soon as you find out they will be spraying in your area and continue until one month after the spraying has stopped.

Or you can do a PIC List test for your animals. You will need to test a separate PIC List for each companion animal, herd or flock. (See page 23 of the PIC Brochure for more about this.) Use the same focus as for humans, just specify the animal, flock or herd you are testing.


About Your Land and Garden

Release one daily dose of each of the following: ETS for Soil, ETS for Plants, ETS for Atmosphere and Essence of Perelandra (EoP). Use the Nature Shift Application Process (see below) and do this daily for each Solution. Start as soon as you find out when spraying is to begin and continue the daily release until one month after spraying stops.

Important: You may only do this for land you own or rent. You cannot impose yourself on property that belongs to others.

Nature Shift Application Process

When you need to work with nature to administer a Perelandra Solution to your environment for this issue, use these steps:

  1. Focus your attention on the environment you wish to address, and state: "I wish to set up with nature to shift ________ (name of Solution)." Wait 10 seconds.

  2. Define/describe the purpose of the shift. Write it down. Then say aloud: "The effects of ________ (name of chemical) during this spraying."

  3. Place the correct number of drops of the Solution in a clean spoon. Follow steps 1-4 for each Solution separately. Do not mix the Solutions.
          • ETS for Soil: 15 drops
          • ETS for Plants: 12 drops
          • ETS for Atmosphere: 10 drops
          • Essence of Perelandra (EoP): 10 drops

  4. Hold the spoon out in front of you and say: "I wish to shift these ________ (name of Solution) drops to ________ (environment) for the purpose that I've described." Hold the spoon out in front of you for 10 seconds. The shift occurs automatically.

  5. After 10 seconds, the shift is complete and you are finished. You can empty the drops into the sink and wipe off the spoon with a clean paper towel. Nature did the shift for you, so you might want to give a little tip of the hat to nature and say thanks before moving on with your day!

PIC mouse

Another Option: If you choose to do a PIC List test for your land in place of the Nature Shift Process, use the focus given in step 2 above: "The effects of ________ (name of chemical) during this spraying." Describe the land you're addressing and/or focus on a sketch of your property or plat.