POSTED: October 16, 2016
 Using the Perelandra tools when you're just not happy.

Yes, with everything going on in the world it can be a hell of a challenge to stay present, pay attention and manage to end the day without feeling despondent. The number of people feeling this way seems to be skyrocketing. And the way we each experience this, and how we respond to or even recognize it varies greatly.

Sometimes it's extreme and inescapable:
  • You feel like you're in a deep, dark pit and can't find the ladder.
  • The idea of the future is laughable, if you could feel like laughing.
  • Life just sucks.
Sometimes it's subtler or almost imperceptible:
  • Your stomach knots up right before you click on the day's news feed.
  • Daily tasks take longer and are harder to think through than usual.
  • Life is as it usually is, but you just feel worn down all the time.

What Perelandra has to offer.

Now that we've totally bummed you out, we'll get to the point. Here's how you can use the Perelandra products and processes to help you step out from under that lampshade!

The Good Option:  ETS for Humans

Take one dose (a dropperful) of ETS for Humans 3 to 5 times daily.

If what your feeling is of the more subtle variety, then 3 times a day may be all you need. If it's more extreme, stick with taking ETS 5 times a day for now.

The Better Option: Add MBP Balancing Solutions

These kinds of feelings weaken your systems and can make you vulnerable. Make sure you're supporting yourself with the basics. In addition to ETS for Humans, take the MBP Immune and Lymphatic Systems Balancing Solutions Solutions twice daily.

The Best Option: PIC List Testing

Do a PIC List test with the focus of how you're feeling. You could write "life sucks" or "I'm sad/scared" or "I'm lost and have no energy" or "I can't think" as the focus of your PIC List test and get a full read out of exactly which group of Perelandra Solutions and Essences you need to address that issue.

If you want to give it a try and you still can't seem to come up with something, look at the examples we gave in the beginning of this message. If you read something on that list and think, "Yep. That's how I feel." then that's a good focus to use for your PIC List test.