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Last Update: December 17, 2022
Weight Balance

Maintaining a healthy, balanced weight often requires persistence in the best of times. It can be more of a challenge when your routine is thrown off a bit. And the upcoming holidays can sometimes lead to throwing that routine completely out the window! Put the support you need in place now. Challenge managed!

If you have become overweight, underweight, overactive or underactive, here are the Good, the Better and the Best options for using the Perelandra tools to help you find a healthy balance. You may choose to work with one, two or all of these options.

The Good Option:
Weight Balancing Solution and Energy Balancing & Stabilizing Solution

The Weight Balancing Solution provides support for achieving and maintaining your body's ideal weight range. It is not "weight loss" drops! It gently shifts all of your body's related elements and systems, so as you move toward and reach your ideal weight, your body will support that weight level.

For the best results with the Weight Balancing Solution, also take the Energy Balancing & Stabilizing Solution. It provides support for achieving and maintaining your ideal level of physical activity, whether you are underactive or overactive. When taking both Weight and EB&S, you are addressing the issue of weight management from two different perspectives and doubling your support. To get started, take them twice daily for the first three months.

(Available in a discounted 2-Bottle Combo.)

The Better Option:

In addition to taking the Solutions, use MAP (Medical Assistance Program). You can talk with your MAP team about your diet and nutrition, supplements to your diet, your exercise plan, etc. Tell your team what you're struggling with and what you need help with in relation to maintaining a healthy weight. For instance, if you tend to eat poorly and drink too much when traveling or vacationing, have a MAP session a few days before your trip to help you prepare so you can have a good time without compromising your health.

Or, if it's hard for you to change your mode of exercise and movement when the seasons change, ask MAP for exercise ideas that fit with the way you enjoy the season. Remember that seasonal changes affect us all differently. Even if you already have a good nutritional plan, MAP can help you tweak it for your seasonal needs.

PIC - Perelandra Information Center

The Best Option:
PIC List Testing

For a comprehensive approach, find out exactly which Perelandra Solutions and Essences you need to support your ideal weight balance and to maintain that balance through all of life's ups and downs. Test the PIC List. Your focus would be: "Weight balancing and my understanding of a healthy, balanced body weight."

You don't need to know PKTT (kinesiology testing) and you do not have to own every bottle to test the PIC List and find out what you need!

dog on scale

ETS for Humans

Bonus Tip for Everyone:
ETS for Humans

If you tend to "stress eat," keep your ETS handy.

When you have cravings that clearly aren't in your best interest, stop and take a dropperful (10-12 drops) of ETS for Humans. Then give yourself a moment for the craving to pass.

Natural Aging

Bonus Tip for Seniors:
Natural Aging Solution

As we age, our weight changes. This can be disconcerting to say the least. A lot of us try to fight this change while holding on to some preconceived notion of what our ideal weight should be, or has been. The Natural Aging Solution helps you to release those notions and embrace what's right for you, whatever your age. It's taken once nightly, just before bed.