Processes & Nature
Perelandra Processes: A Good Day's Work

Washington, D.C., nation's capital. Millions of people streaming through the open public mall area, barely noticing each other in the crushing crowd. One moving mass with no oneness. Each focus so tight and circumspect, walling off one from the other. In the middle of the mall a huge platform. On the platform stands a two-story high, cylindrical cage of glass. Inside, shackled at wrists and ankles, an enormous, huge, bloated naked blue-skinned woman. Wild woman, woman going wild: screaming, straining against the chains, long matted hair swinging wildly. Screaming: shake it up, shake it up, shake it up . . .

No one sees her.

The scene flips to a beautiful, serene woman floating through space. She is illuminated by a soft effusive light from within. Gauzy, transparent robes billow gently around her long and graceful form. Her belly is swollen with child. Her arms rest along her sides with her tapered fingers joined under the bulk of her belly. She seems to be holding the baby even though it is still within her. Her head is tilted forward, her whole being gazing at the child, pouring out adoration from unfathomably deep wells of love and reverence.

My vision comes closer to her belly. I am startled to see that her perfectly round belly is . . . not a belly at all. The blue of the oceans, the green of the continents comes into focus; this is . . . the planet earth. Suddenly I know that this serene mother is the bloated blue wild woman a very, very long time ago.

This is a story about one response to our mother's cries. I saw/heard her plea in this manner in February 1999. This vision came while I was on a shamanic journey. "Shake it up, shake it up, shake it up" continued to beat in my head like the strong drumbeat that had underlined the journey. I had done various Perelandra processes over the previous five months, and I had just finished watching the video, Working with Nature in Soil-less Gardens. It seemed like a natural to open up a coning and ask nature how to respond to this plea, "Shake it up."

Well aware that it is the human evolutionary responsibility to define the purpose and direction of a project with nature, I felt at a bit of a loss. I wanted to pursue "Project Shake It Up," but what did that mean? All kinds of thoughts swirled through my head — I want to help people move their perceptual boundaries. I want to work in conscious partnership with nature. I want to help people expand their consciousness and ground their expansion. I want to show others that they can evolve consciously. It was all too broad. I felt that I needed a specific project but had no idea of what that project could be.

So, on March 2, I opened a four-point coning with the intent of explaining all this and asking nature to help me identify a project within the next 48 hours. The participants were the Overlighting Deva of "Project Shake It Up," Pan, the members of the White Brotherhood involved in "Project Shake It Up," and my higher self. What strong energies entered the room with that coning! I needed a few essences to stabilize myself before I could proceed. Later that evening, I opened another coning to do a calibration on myself. I asked for help in getting clear on my project and on my DDP (definition, direction, purpose), and also for help in feeling confident with my higher purpose. I was feeling a bit presumptuous in approaching this goal, so that little insidious voice was having a go at me . . ."Who in the heck do you think you are?"

The next day a woman I'd been getting to know for about a year came over. After we finished some business, we started a more general conversation. I told her in vague terms about Perelandra and about my growing excitement and satisfaction in using the various processes. (I didn't mention anything about Project Shake It Up or the coning from the day before.)

Suddenly I saw tears well up in her eyes. Simultaneously, I saw a ball of energy jump out of her heart and come toward me. Out of her mouth came the words "Do you think you can help us?" She went on to explain that she lives at the foot of a beautiful and sacred mountain that runs like a spine between the U.S./Canadian border. For the past three years, all the neighbors had been working passionately on trying to prevent the start of logging on the mountain ridge. My friend explained that they had done everything by the book and had been working with state officials at the Department of Natural Resources. They had been trying to create a buy-out and work out various alternatives, and she said they had naïvely thought that all their caring and hard work would create some positive outcome.

Nonetheless, logging had been started on the mountain the preceding fall. The Department of Natural Resources had tried to mollify the group by letting them identify areas of trees that would be spared. The past winter had been one of frequent relentless high winds and most of the treed areas that they had saved were toppled over like so many dominos. Further logging was scheduled to start within a few months. The neighbors felt so dispirited and defeated that they were having trouble finding the energy to come together to continue their efforts. I found myself briefly explaining the processes and saying that perhaps doing that would shift things and create an opening in some way. I was incredulously thinking, "This is the project that nature has brought forward." My friend was behind it 100 percent and thought that many of the neighbors would be able to relate to the processes and would like to take part in it in some way. I opened another coning on March 8 to get further feedback on the project. This time I opened a coning, with the four previous participants plus the Deva of "Project Vedder Mountain." I put for my DDP as working with Vedder Mountain to 1) Heal from the clear-cut; 2) Work more satisfactorily with government and industry regarding the mountain; 3) Save the trees; 4) Work with the group of neighbors to use the Perelandra processes with the mountain.

I asked the group for some specific guidance: "Question: Should I do an Energy Cleansing on Vedder Mountain?"

Answer: "Yes."

"Should I do the Battle Energy Release?"


"Should I do the Soil Balancing and Stabilizing?"


"Should I do an Atmospheric Balancing?"


I also asked about when these processes should be done and got a very clear indication that it should be done before the end of March. I was uncertain about exactly how to proceed with a group. Should we be on the mountain or in someone's house at the base of it? Should I explain to everyone and we all do it together? Would this mean everyone would have to be balanced with flower essences along the way? I didn't get clear answers to any of these questions at this point.

A few days later, my friend called me somewhat shaken up. She told me that that night, right before she had drifted into a hard sleep she was awakened and sat bolt upright in response to a loud, excruciating, eerie, full and piercing "other worldly" scream coming from the mountain. She was more determined than ever to get our work going and had talked to some neighbors. I told her that I had a clear indication that it should be before the end of March and that, given the logistics of people's schedules, she should pick a Saturday and see who could come and I'd be there.

Over the next week I called Perelandra to get some guidance on how to proceed. I was feeling a deep sense of responsibility, that this shouldn't be taken lightly or done without the utmost care. I thought of how conscientious Machaelle is with her work, and I kept thinking specifically of how careful she was with the Gettysburg work. I felt a deep respect for nature (as a consciousness) and for Machaelle, and wanted to approach Vedder Mountain in the same way. I had determined that the mountain was state-owned land, so I felt it was ethical to do the processes. The person at Perelandra was very helpful in clarifying some of my confusion. (This, by the way, would be the first time I did any of these processes!) She gave me many questions to ask the group about the land and suggested a map be handy even if we were up on the mountain. She also strongly suggested in this situation that I do the processes by myself and let the group participate in some other way.

My friend called and identified Saturday, March 20, as the selected day. I opened up two more conings before the 20th and tried to ascertain how to work with the group. The only thing I got clear on was that I should do the actual processes by myself. Other than that, the feeling was basically that I shouldn't pre-determine anything else. I just needed to go with a clear intent, an open heart and be open to whatever seemed appropriate. Saturday, March 20, dawned incredibly bright and clear. The weather was a real gift. More likely it would have been a gray chilly day of rain and winds, but it was a crystalline day. The sky was a beautiful blue with only thin wisps of random clouds. The sun's light and warmth radiated through the clear, fresh air with all its golden glory, gently balancing the chill of early spring. As I drove the 45 minutes out into the rural area of the county, I felt myself release to a feeling of being carried on a river. My mind would say things like, "Better hurry up, don't want to get there too late." My being just answered with a release into the "river." This feeling continued the whole day. Some greater timing took over and time also expanded.

Everything that happened, happened so fully. Looking back, my mind would wonder how everything fit in the time an afternoon has to offer, and yet it all fit impeccably, in a day's Work beyond what any person could ever orchestrate. When I got to my friend's house, she was there with three neighbors, a man and two other women. One of the women was in a very jumpy, exhilarated state and after a while needed to get going. This was perfect, as she didn't fit in with the flow at all. The remaining people were in a lovely, gentle state, and in complete harmony with each other and the intent of the project. I briefly explained the processes to them and the idea of doing "inter-level" work with other consciousnesses such as nature and the White Brotherhood. They didn't blink! We agreed that we would go up on the mountain and that I would do the processes while they lent their support by being on the mountain, doing whatever was appropriate for them.

The ride up Vedder Mountain was incredible. My friend and the man talked and talked, and even without my asking them, they answered every question that the Perelandra person had suggested I ask. The man had brought a map of the mountain even though no one had asked him to.

When we got to the top, I was shocked by the devastation. The area looked brutally mutilated. Short tree stumps stuck up everywhere. Barren earth with culverts of erosion, strewn with rocks and devoid of any green, had a lifeless moonscape feeling. Rows of trees, the ones that had been spared, lay toppled on one another in long lines, looking as if the wind had come through and literally mowed them down. Their large root masses, wrenched from the earth, fanned up in big round circles perpendicular to the ground.

As we parked and emerged from the car, the man looked at his watch and remarked, "It's a few minutes to three and the Spring Equinox."

I was startled, as I hadn't even realized that this was the exact day of the equinox. My friend had a very strong feeling about leading me to a certain area. As I followed her, I had the odd feeling of being watched. I felt like an ambassador of some sort, coming to a location to do something. I wanted to respect this feeling, given the intent of the work, but I did not like it from an aspect of ego. I did not want to feel like I, in particular, was important.

Just as we approached our intended area, an eagle flew over and landed in the branch of a bare tree in front of me. His presence said, "Come here. This is the spot." He stayed in the branches watching as I approached the tree he was in. Under it seemed to be the perfect spot. There was a fallen tree to sit on in front of a large depression, left by another uprooted tree. Water had collected in the depression, creating a little pond. Behind the pond, the root mass of the fallen tree rose as a large screen of moist dark earth. The sun streamed down from the left through some of the trees that remained standing. The eagle sat there watching until I opened a coning and started, and then he took off. Right then three other eagles flew overhead together (one for each of the others). The others had fanned out in surrounding areas and spent the time quietly with the earth. (The man sketched several beautiful pictures.)

The three processes took almost exactly an hour. nature responded with external signals at various appropriate points. What I remember most vividly is the Battle Energy Release. As that was going on, I began to feel the mountain becoming its mountainness again. It was like the mountain was swelling into its full form and reasserting its role of great strength and guidance. Sensations of life came back around me. The earth released that sweet smell of damp new dirt. A large drop of water came from somewhere and plunked into the small pond in front of me, creating a loud noise and a small band of ripples. In the streaming sunlight from the left, I saw swarms of small gnat-like insects moving in a busy ball together. They had not been there before.

I became absolutely euphoric during the Battle Energy Release. As the release processed, I started singing a beautiful tune: "Baruah atah Adonoi [Blessed be the Lord]. Thank you, God. Thank you for the . . ." and filled in lots of things, repeating this many times. When the release was done and I held the flower essences out for Pan, I felt such a deep love and playfulness toward Pan. I held the spoons out a little longer than necessary on each dose and felt like I was bantering with Pan, saying things like, "I know you're a speedy super hero flying around doing your work in seconds, but I'm going to hold the spoon out a little longer . . . just in case!"

When I was done, the four of us came together at another spot. As we gathered, a little stone caught my attention and seemed to want me to pick it up. I did and held it as we all talked and read different selections from Earth Prayers, a book that the man had brought with him. The sun was getting lower, and it was time to go. I remember wanting to keep the stone but feeling that maybe I should just leave it where it belongs. In later months, I was sorry I had not kept it. It called to me so clearly that day. As I went on to learn more about object meditations and hearing what something had to say, I would often think that the stone had wanted to tell me something.

Later that night, I got a nice little "kiss"from nature. In driving home I'd been hearing/thinking over and over, "now that was a good day's work." A small part of my mind challenged me a bit, chiding and saying, "How do you know you did anything? You just sat up there singing and feeling good imagining you were doing something . . ." Before going to sleep, I read some of the Perelandra Garden Workbook. This had just arrived from Perelandra the day before, and I had not really had a chance to look at it. I was thrilled to see that the Workbook had a lot of background and devic information about the processes. Imagine my joy when I read this specific perspective from Universal Light (page 257-258):

Of course, simply left alone, nature would balance; but by facilitating the process, you once again step into the role of man taking responsibility for his own actions and working co-creatively for the healing of the Earth. Not only will these actions actually facilitate the healing process within the realm of nature, but they will also symbolically sound the note of man taking responsibility for the destruction that he has created within nature. So instead of taking years, possibly, for the rebalancing of nature within the area, you will leave the area of battle having cleansed the energy that has been held within nature all these years and given back to nature precisely what it needs for its own rebalancing — that is a good day's work.

Imagine also my joy when my friend called three weeks later. "You'll never believe it," she said. Mr. X from DNR had asked to have another meeting with the neighbors. He actually wanted them to come together, unlike his usual dread at their encounters. He came to them with a totally changed demeanor, with a soft and open heart, to tell them the news that in preparation for further logging, he had found the habitat of an extremely endangered species, the marbled murrelet. Further studies were needed, and all logging was called off for at least four, possibly up to seven, years. The group was invited to continue their efforts to structure a buy-out or other alternatives for the land.

L.S., Washington