POSTED: January 18, 2017
UPDATED: February 1, 2017
Just One Bite at a Time, Part 3
What to do now.
Your ideas and goals for responding to changes in the U.S. government.


3: Long-Term Goals & Big Ideas To Inspire You
Many of these are really fantastic ideas. But ideas need someone to take action. We hope you'll read through them and be inspired. If something here lights a fire in you, connect with the leylines and think about what you would do to make this happen, think about what you would put into action to take the first step. Along with your suggestions, we have added comments that we hope you'll find helpful and encouraging.

⇒ I've formed a soil-less garden "PAP Team" ~ a Political Assistance Program Team. Today was my first day working with them. I asked the Team to loudly and clearly help me know what is mine to do. I've felt pulled toward environmental work, especially with regard to climate change and renewable energy. I welcomed suggestions from this more elevated and inclusive perspective.

⇒ If it seems the timing is right, that the the fire is hot enough to start a new political party (American?) adopt as our political platform the the Bill of Rights (with slight modification of the 2nd Amendment) and then set out to collect the necessary 50,000 to 5,000,000 signatures needed to get on the ballots in each of the 50 states (plus Puerto Rico) and get to work restoring true democracy from sea to shining sea.

⇒ For ten years I have been led to develop a series teaching civility and ethics for children for both schools and families. It was field-tested in the classroom and guided by many Perelandra conings. It is now uploaded and in two series: Master Keys for Kids and A Manner for All Seasons on iTunes. Now I understand why it has taken until now to formally release these ebooks and my election response is to throw all efforts into getting it out into the world. I have been tasked with this and the need for civility and ethical accountability is front and center to shaping what direction our world will head. I offer these tools to support your readerís efforts to create a kinder, more respectful world with conflict resolution grounded in balance. (

⇒ I believe that television shows can be instruments for social change. Contact the writers, creators, producers, and networks to make socially relevant episodes and shows. Tell them to add subtle or loud moral messages.

⇒ I think what I would like to do is to form some sort of a group, probably online, to get people together to focus on what we would like to accomplish in the coming months/years. I'm hoping to connect with like-minded people to work with to improve the world.

• You'll find tips on how to go about doing this here: Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda

⇒ Reach out to others, communicate, support! I can no longer – none of us can – afford to sit back and "hope" for the best while assuming that things in the government will continue to go along as usual – not good, but not lethal. In addition  and this is good!  with the "breaking up" of the old, there is opportunity to create the new. In order to do that, we MUST have a vision, a vision of what we want this country to look like, act like – be like. And it must be a shared vision with others. We must be willing to stand up and make ourselves heard, to ACT as you say in the Mt. Shasta quote. This will not be a list of "what I don't like about this country and how it is run." It must be a vision of what we can imagine as a new way of being, of doing – and of expressing the values and principles laid down by our founders. It is heartening to realize that we have support to do this and that ideas and possibilities are available for us to connect with. Our job is to connect and create! And to have courage, to have faith in the future and, for me, to have faith in God. I have no doubt that this country was divinely inspired at a time when a very limited number of people could grasp it's purpose and ideals. Lincoln with other visionaries of his time took us to another level and now it is time to bring these ideals into a higher level of manifestation. It is an exciting time, it is a scary time, it is a time that demands more of us.

⇒ I have been pondering this, and contemplating various acts of protest, but hadn't settled on time/place/issue. Now you have given me an alternative that requires a different level of involvement; creating new ideas and new directions.

MILITARY: In some ways, the U.S. Military is quite a forward thinking group. They are often quick learning, at least with respect to how to build trust with local people. Their training systems seem to be better than our high schools in that they actually offer job training. Often they are thinking creatively.
      MY BIG IDEA: Civilian Jobs Corps to train people for real-world, non-military jobs. Many of the systems and facilities have already been created by the Military. Could we possible redirect some of the HUGE amounts of money directed to the Military into Civilian uses? Let them build low cost housing, rebuild infrastructure, run free daycare centers, conduct environmental remediation, expand small local food production.

GOVERNMENT: Whew, this one is really a mess. The oppositional forces are most on display at all levels of government, making it almost impossible to accomplish anything. But maybe this is because our Governmental systems are so Piscean. If we moved some of that activity to the local level, and worked cooperatively, maybe we'd accomplish something.

• Attend your local town or city council meetings, or county board meetings, and speak when a subject comes up that you care about. It's just 1-2 hours per month!
• Run for local office.
• Submit your name for a local government committee.

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Expanding How You Think & Changing Your Approach
For those who want to start by changing your own thought patterns in order to move yourself in the direction of taking positive action, here are suggestions some of you made.
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Small Daily Actions & Things You Can Do Right Now
Simple daily actions can add up and have a big impact! We aren't made up of the choices we made one day 10 years ago. We're made up of the choices we make every day.
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Add to the conversation!
This is an ongoing project. We welcome your responses and additional ideas. And we would certainly enjoy hearing of your successes along the way! (But we may not be able to respond to each email personally.)

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