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Perelandra Processes: From Gums to Garden

I thought that I should drop a note about how MAP has been very helpful to me. Not having gone to the dentist for many years, my mouth was not in good shape, but I decided to have the mercury removed and found a really wonderful dentist. In order to get through my ordeal, I opened a MAP session through the three appointments, plus cleanings, etc. I then used homeopathic remedies and Perelandra's essences. I could not believe how I sailed through all that dental work. I had been so terrified that I could not make an appointment for years and it turned out to be "Is that all there is?" So, I was thrilled at how the MAP team really helped me. I do use them on a semi-regular basis and for all of my acupuncture appointments. I think the needles aren't so bothersome going in when my team is with me.

A couple of weeks later, a nerve went on fire from a tooth that had required a LOT of work. It happened on Good Friday, so no one was around. I had a MAP session on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which really cut down on the pain. I got an appointment with a biological dentist four hours away for the following Tuesday, and drove through an outrageous snowstorm to get there. After he had filed the various teeth down (since most of my teeth were rebuilt), he said to "hit it" with whichever natural antibiotic that I preferred. But I decided to use the Microbial Balancing Program — incredible! It took a total of eight days, but the pain subsided dramatically in the first couple of days. It is reminding me again that I need to do more work in my mouth with the MBP, which I am in the process of doing for my gums.

Last night, I decided to use the Telegraph Test Checklist to see why my blood pressure seems to be high. I found it quite surprising that my digestive system was involved. Several months ago, the acupuncturist had said that I had almost no qi in my heart, spleen, liver and kidneys. The Chinese herbs seemed to get it down a bit; however, last week, I discovered that some of the herbs are going right through me — whole! So I was delighted to see the MBP Digestive System Balancing Solution on the list. I had ordered stomach enzymes the previous week anyway. Now, I know that I must order your Digestive System Balancing Solution. And, it is as Machaelle has said: that the out-of-balance area could be different from the affected area. My heart and liver showed up, plus the pancreas, but no spleen or kidneys. So, the light bulb is slowing going on about cause and effect.

As well, I have been working with the deva of my garden. It's a whole new garden, so there is a tremendous amount of work. I am not as organized as I should be, but we are muddling through. Although I had made some lists, when it came to the perennials I had little to offer; so when I was in the garden center, I tested all of the perennials and got them all done then! I'm a little backwards, but it is terrific to connect with the Deva of the Garden when I go to select the particular plants. I had designed the shape of the front garden and expressed a desire for certain types of plants — as in some type of ground cover for part of it. Other than that, I kept an open mind and Nature has given me the specific plants; they are arranged a little differently than I would expect, but it will be interesting to watch them grow. And, I have been given the most wonderful plan for my back garden. It feels powerful on paper. I can't wait to see it growing and enjoy the produce!

Again, I am having a great time learning about co-creative science in all of the different areas. Thank you!

P.F., Canada