I spent the last twelve months traveling around the world and have to tell you that MAP has been my medicine box — my personal traveling physician.

I was first introduced to MAP about four years ago and was very skeptical at the time. Despite this, I tried it, set up the initial conings and received a "code" word (which seemed too silly to be true) and did a few sessions. However, I didn't "feel" anything and after a few times, left it, thinking, "I'm not quite sure about this. Maybe I'll come back to it."

I re-read MAP just before setting out on my travels, and of course I read it in a completely different light, understanding it on a new level as my awareness had changed in the meantime to accommodate the information. I decided to do a coning again and see how I felt, and was amazed when my "code" word immediately came back to me, after having not used it for two years or so. I decided to take the book with me, and after a while it felt like my bible of sorts. Because I was relying more and more on MAP and alternative therapies, and less on Western methods, I almost felt afraid not to have it with me and always put it in my hand luggage. (I am happy to announce that six months into the trip, I trusted myself enough to let that one go and bequeathed the book to a nice little boutique hotel in Mexico.)

Over the last ten years, I have been gradually "weaning" myself off Western drugs (not that I used that many anyway — occasional antibiotics for bladder infections, the odd painkiller and rare uses of steroids for asthma). However, I was determined that my goal be to totally clear out the medicine cabinet in due course since I knew somewhere within that all physical and emotional problems could be healed without drugs.

During the last year, I have used MAP for various ailments, resulting in partial to total relief of symptoms. These have included physical situations such as mild to severe back strains, bladder inflammations and asthma. A couple of times I have had food poisoning, and as soon as I have opened a session (which both times was after a while into the event as I was not "with it" enough to remember to do so at first), have experienced immediate help and relief. On a psychological level, the trip has been a journey in its own right and has systematically brought me face to face with many fears, blocks and emotional challenges. I have found the MAP/Calibration or Calibration-only Process to be very effective and comforting. On a couple of occasions, I have been faced with seemingly overwhelming fear, which appeared at night, and I asked for the coning to be kept open all night. Just to know that there were some "beings of light" looking over me during such times was a huge relief. Six months into my trip, I decided to invest in the whole set of Perelandra Essences, and used them every day for three months as advised by Machaelle in the video. I am sure these have enhanced the MAP sessions considerably. I am constantly amazed and delighted with how I intuitively pick an essence, then read the characteristics of it and find it is always appropriate — the description fits the situation perfectly, and I feel really comforted to know that these little drops of essence are fine-tuning and supporting me on all PEMS levels.

I also discovered that opening a session before going to the dentist has been really helpful — I have been terrified of going to the dentist all my life. I find it very invasive and usually work myself into a real tizzy. Opening a coning during these visits helped me to stay unbelievably calm. Interestingly enough, I must admit there is still a small part of me that doesn't quite know what to think of the "White Brotherhood", et al. I still don't actually "feel" anything during the sessions. However, over the past couple of years I have read several books on plant spirit medicine and devas, and do believe in their presence even though I don't see them. But there is no disputing the fact that the results are there, every time, in one way or another, and so I keep trusting and setting my wonderful rational mind aside. I guess that one day I will have a more direct experience of them. And as if by magic, I managed to find my way to the ancient shrine of Pan in the Golan Heights, Israel, where I did a little ceremony and offered my respects and thanks to the gods, goddesses and devas of nature.

So, thanks to the Devas, Pan, the White Brotherhood, Nature, Machaelle and all the staff of Perelandra. I salute your knowledge.

— K.K., New Zealand