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June 2018

Your ETS Disaster Bag

ETS Disaster Bag

Don't wait for disaster to hit.

Hurricane seasons are underway in the eastern Pacific and the Atlantic.

In the U.S. alone, a "simple" subtropical storm moved across half the country, causing flooding, mudslides and devastation. And an erupting volcano in Hawaii is wreaking havoc on the island and its residents. That's just the new stuff. The people of Puerto Rico will be recovering from the loss and destruction caused by last year's hurricanes for years to come — and they still have to be prepared for what may come next.

This is our new reality. Extreme weather events and the damage they cause are the norm now. We encourage you to keep up with news and alerts for your area, and make sure you and your family are prepared for short- and long-term disasters. But the news won't remind you to have ETS at hand when preparing for evacuations. So . . .

Hang your ETS Disaster Bag on your door.

Check your Disaster Bag. Are you missing anything?

If you need anything, order it right away. And if you're in an area that's recently been hit (and can receive deliveries) or expecting something soon, let us know when you order. We will prioritize your order to get your bottles to you as quickly as possible.

Those of you who aren't staring down the barrel of a severe weather event or disaster:
First, count your lucky stars! And then get your ETS Disaster Bag ready now, so all you have to do when facing a disaster is focus on the safety of your family and home.

Being prepared can make all the difference. Don't wait.