Post: June 7, 2018
Update: June 26, 2018

Having trouble ordering?

We learned recently that some of you have been experiencing a problem when ordering through our website. It's a random thing that we thought occurred only on and around May 21st, then was resolved. Turns out, the %!*@*!&#$! problems are still occurring.

The problem is a communication glitch. It's not a security issue; none of your personal data is affected.

If you're placing an order and at any point along the way you suddenly have no items in your shopping basket or your browser gives you the dreaded "server not responding" or "session timed out" message, then please give us a call to complete your order. That should not happen. We want ordering from us to be painless, even enjoyable.

ETS half oz

Here's where your help comes in:

We have made some progress, but we're not out of the woods. If it happens to you and you're willing to give us the details about what's happening on your screen, you may help us pinpoint the glitch.

Any time you experience a problem with our online ordering, please call right away or send a quick email to tell us. Chances are good you aren't the only one experiencing the problem. We'll take care of your order quickly over the phone. And we'll be able to more quickly address the technical snafu.

If you have trouble and you let us know, we will help you complete your order and we'll make things a little better by including a free 1/2-oz. bottle of ETS for Humans in your box. You know . . . to get you over the pain and suffering of our computer snags. (Note: Don't add it to your cart. We'll add the bottle when it's shipped.)

Thanks to all who are helping us figure this out! It takes a village . . .

Gary sandblasting a computer