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Update: August 3, 2022

Bolster Any Goal or Address Any Challenge

Get help from your nature partner in a few simple steps.


EEE Solutions

Do you use Essence of Perelandra (EoP), ETS for Soil-less Gardens or ETS for Soil? Yes?! That's great! If you have hesitated because you don't know how, keep reading.

When you use these Perelandra Solutions, you are working in partnership with nature. Anytime, for any glitch, challenge or goal, you can add this strength and support to move forward with more ease and success. It isn't complicated, and the results will often please and surprise you.

10 examples of ways to use any one
of these Solutions for your goals »


Don't just take it from us. Let these Perelandra customers inspire you:

Note: The "11 Drop" Process mentioned in the article linked above is "Process B" in the ETS for Soil-less Gardens Brochure. It is also the process explained in the worksheet linked below.


If you're not familiar with what we call Soil-less Gardens or if the phrase "work with nature" sounds unusual and complicated, rest assured that anyone — including you! — can follow these simple steps and get results.

Perelandra Solutions for Soil-less Gardens Worksheet »



The worksheet will help you determine which Solution(s) you may need for a goal and correctly go through the steps for each shift with nature. It's a PDF that you can print or record your notes electronically.

You can use PKTT, of course, but you don't have to.

If you're participating in the monthly EoP Biodiversity Process, you'll find these steps familiar and easy. If you're excited to do more with EoP, or know what other Solutions to use for supporting your goals, you're going to love this process.


light bulb puzzle

Struggling with how to word your goal?

Remember this is a learning process. It does not require perfection. Try this:

  1. Get out your EoP (Essence of Perelandra).

  2. State: "I'm taking this EoP to relax, state my goal and express my intent clearly."

  3. Take 10 drops of EoP orally. Wait 10 seconds, keeping your mind on that focus.

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