Here's a few things about MAP. I could write a book.

Physical Miracle
Sometime in 1988 I began listening to some powerful meditation tapes which were deeply relaxing and even began to cause me to begin to leave my body. At the same time, I began to manifest extreme sensitivity to certain foods, and generally to exhibit symptoms of gall stones — pain in the gall bladder area and diarrhea. I went to a specialist and had a sonogram done. It showed no gallstones.

Since the doctor had no explanation, I consulted a channeler who said that the meditation was causing me to release tension I had held in my abdomen, and that the body was adjusting to this new state. The channeler suggested a change of diet, which relieved the symptoms.

The diarrhea returned a few months later, however, when I began psycho-therapy. A change of diet again relieved the symptoms; but in 1990 they returned, and this time no diet changes brought relief. I resigned myself to this condition and just got used to it.

Eight months later I got the MAP book. Oddly enough, I worked with MAP for two months before it occurred to me to try MAP on the diarrhea. I was skeptical that MAP could help, since nothing else had — even extreme changes in diet. I was really afraid to try MAP, not wanting to risk failure which might shake my faith in MAP. But I thought, "What have I got to lose?" and I tried it. Within 24 hours of the MAP session, my system had returned to complete normalcy. The condition did not return for several months. However, with continuing therapy and continuing changes within me, the condition returned. The difference is, now I know what to do about it, and it works every time!

My therapist thinks I'm a whiz kid at psycho-therapy. She can't understand how I so rapidly moved through my therapy and so quickly brought needed changes into my life and began using them. Little did she know that I did a MAP session before each therapy session and fairly often another MAP session afterwards. I'm sure with MAP plus flower essences I got through it in one third the normal time.

In therapy I have come to see how I survived my childhood by parenting my parents. I learned to disengage the active, powerful intelligent parts of myself so that I could maximize the supportive, non-threatening, non-questioning side of my nature and be the dependent child they needed. Even though I've progressed quickly with this issue, when I'm with my parents the same "dismembering" of myself still occurs if I'm not watching carefully — right before my eyes. During a recent visit, at the time of my son's graduation, when I needed to be functioning well, this began to happen. I escaped to the bathroom and opened a MAP session. I explained exactly how I was feeling; I said I was feeling very afraid because I had incapacitated myself to protect them, but that this left me feeling helpless and insecure and, of course, angry. I was afraid that my insecurity would lead me to hurt them and spoil the occasion.

Lying on the floor of the bathroom, under a towel, a change occurred. When I emerged, I was again in contact with myself — strong, together, fully functioning, no longer angry and able to enjoy the rest of the visit. The hectic day went by very smoothly and was actually enjoyable for everyone. To me this was a major miracle.

Sunburn Trauma
Being a fair-skinned redhead, I sunburn easily. While setting out bedding plants early in June, I forgot about the time. The sunburn which was produced on my back was of the purple variety. I immediately did a MAP session, although it already hurt to lie down on my back. At the end of the session, when I got up, I took a lukewarm shower, after which I had one cold chill (purple sunburn variety). There was no more pain from the sunburn after that moment. My skin remained purplish and certain clothes were irritating, but the burn and the pain were simply not there. Period! At the normal time, my skin peeled and the problem was over with.

— M.B., Maryland