December 11, 2018

Something for Everyone



ETS for Humans and Essence of Perelandra (EoP) are a Dynamic Duo, and the two Solutions most used by everyone. They're great for folks who've been working with the Perelandra tools for years, and for those learning about them for the first time. You can give a 2-oz. combo or 1/2-oz. 5-pack, or hand out individual bottles to friends and family. We'll include special gift cards with basic instructions to make these easy to give, without having to explain.

Many of you are experiencing the personal gifts that reading Pivot brings, and we bet you want to share that with someone (or a few someones!). Gifting is a little easier with $3 off Machaelle's new book.

Let us take away some of that holiday pressure and gift wrap free of charge. We will even wrap each bottle in your 5-packs separately if you'd like. Just add a note to your order letting us know which item(s) to gift wrap. Make it extra special and eco-friendly: Give your Perelandra gifts in our new Zip Bag. It's great for travel or the office.

$10 Off ETS & EoP
2-Bottle Combo
2-oz. Bottles
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Buy 1 Get 1 for $10
ETS & EoP 5 Packs
1/2-oz. Bottles
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$3 Off Print Edition
Pivot: A Memoir
by Machaelle Wright
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Our Gifting Continues . . .


We'll be including free gifts with all shipped orders through the end of the year, and they'll change from time to time over these remaining weeks.

Free Gift

Orders placed December 11 to 21 will received two special gifts from the Perelandra garden. One prepared by our garden assistants and mailroom staff, and the other prepared by our production staff. (Note: When the pressed flowers from the garden are gone, we'll send a $5 off coupon with your EoP Infusion Pump!)

And orders placed December 21 through January 2, 2019, will receive a unique gift to help you better engage with the passing of time: a 1/2-oz. bottle of Natural Aging.

Reminder: A Change Is Coming

Our prices will be changing with the New Year. We wanted to give you a heads up, time to plan for price increases and to make the most of our lower prices and holiday specials through the December.

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