December 7, 2019

ETS for Plants

Our gift to you . . . and your holiday greenery.

We're celebrating this season of giving with a special gift to strengthen, balance and support your plants, trees and household greenery:

Free ETS for Plants!

All shipped orders with a subtotal up to $150 will receive a free 1/2-oz. bottle, and orders above $150 will get a free 2-oz. bottle.

Strength and balance have a ripple effect. When the vitality of your houseplants, poinsettias, paperwhites, garlands, flower arrangements, Christmas cactus and Christmas tree are supported, the balance they hold supports the balance of their environment.

Start with the simple act of watering your plants and trees with ETS for Plants: Add 9 drops per quart or 25 drops per gallon to plain water in a clean watering can, then water as usual.

Learn more and order ETS for Plants. | Read the ETS for Plants Brochure.

Offer applies to subtotal after discounts; retail orders only; ends Thursday, December 12, 2019.


We want to make it fun and easy for you to help the people you care about strengthen and shore up their health and balance. The special discounts we’re offering this holiday season were put together for those reasons.

Many of our Holiday Specials include 1/2-oz. dropper bottles. The wonderful thing about these smaller bottles is the flexibility they give you. They're easy to travel with or give to someone in need. They give the added advantage of strategically placing Solutions in multiple, convenient locations (think car, office, purse, coat pocket) to ensure that they're taken consistently and used most effectively.

We'll include special gift cards with basic instructions to make our Solutions easy to give, without requiring you to explain a thing. Just let us know how many instruction cards you need when you order.

Free 1/2-oz. Bottles!

ETS & EoP Duo

Essence of Perelandra (EoP) and ETS for Humans are a Dynamic Duo, and the two Solutions most used by everyone. They are great for folks who've been working with the Perelandra tools for years, and for those learning about our products for the first time.

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Free 1/2-oz. Bottles!

Virus & Bacteria Combo

The next two Solutions most used by everyone are Virus and Bacteria. They are the most recommended daily Solutions this time of year — to be taken twice daily during the fall and winter months when microbial activity is running rampant.

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Free 1/2-oz. Bottles!

Beginners Combo

The MBP Immune & Lymphatic Solutions offer daily support for strength and balance, and ETS for Humans addresses those challenging or difficult events that flare up unexpectedly.

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Buy 1 Get 1 for $10

ETS & EoP 5 Packs

These "little" bottles with our simple introductory gift cards are a fantastic, easy way to share ETS for Humans, ETS for Animals and Essence of Perelandra (EoP) with anyone in your life.

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books by Machaelle Wright

10% Off
Books by Machaelle Wright

Perhaps you have a friend who's ready for a life-changing book like Pivot, The Perelandra Garden Workbook or MAP? Here's your opportunity!

When you buy Machaelle's books directly from us, we always give 5% off. This holiday season we're bumping that up to 10% off. And, you are welcome to request that she sign your friend's gift book. There's no charge.

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gift wrap

Free Gift Wrapping
Let us take away some of that holiday pressure and wrap your Perelandra gifts for free. We will even wrap each bottle in your 5-packs separately if you'd like. Just add a note to your order letting us know which item(s) to gift wrap.

Holiday Specials end at 11 AM EST on Tuesday, December 24, 2019.
Retail only. No additional discounts. No stubstitutions.