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July 2023

How To Ask For Nature’s Help
For every solution to a problem to have strength, power and stability, it must have balance. For that, you need nature.

You made the choice to put what Perelandra offers in your life. You are reading this message from us, so clearly you get it too. We don't have to convince you of the urgency. But we do want to help alleviate the overwhelm, which we recognize as a major hurdle we each have to deal with, and give you some simple tools and steps to take.


Often we here at Perelandra say: "Nature has the solutions." However, that statement alone isn't particularly useful to you. So we'd like to give it context and explain what that means.

For every solution to a problem to have strength, power and stability, it must have balance. So for every decision we make in life, every change we implement, we have to include nature to provide the solution's balance. Nature knows balance. If we don't include nature, we will make decisions that we think should be made based on our own more limited knowledge and understanding. These decisions are what Machaelle calls "human think." They are human-dominant solutions. It's obvious our human-think decisions haven't worked out too well over the years.

When starting your work with nature, it is important to take small steps, be patient and have guts. When you bring in nature and ask (for example), "What cleaning products do I use in my kitchen?" nature's first answer is not the final answer. It isn't telling you these are the cleaning products you are to use in your kitchen for the rest of your life. Instead, nature is saying these are the cleaners you should use in order to provide an initial balance in your kitchen now. The cleaners they suggest may not be what you were expecting. This is where guts come in. We have to have the guts to put aside our intellect and accept that maybe nature knows something we don't know. The first step is just that — step #1.


Nature works with balanced timing and will gradually bring you and your kitchen to balance one small step at a time. To adjust your kitchen cleaning for different variables like changes in who is using the kitchen, what activity is going on and how you have changed, you must continue these incremental steps with nature. Once the first step seats into place and when the time is right, ask the question again, "What cleaning products do I use in my kitchen now?" Nature provides the information you need to raise the balance of your kitchen to the next level. When this second step is in place and the time is right, ask the question again and act on the new information. The magic in this is noticing the differences in your kitchen each time you and nature bring the kitchen up to the next level of balance.

You are building balance. You are allowing nature to take you on a balance journey that will enhance the planet, not damage it. You will experience nature leading you as you gradually and carefully unwind the imbalanced aspects (all those iatrogenic "solutions" that have been applied to it over the years) and rewind it in balance. Now is the time to commit yourself to this journey.



Be A Consumer Warrior

Part of being on the right side of history is to understand you are in the power seat as a consumer interfacing with business and industry. It's your money. Don't spend it on anything that adds to the climate change problem.

Every time you make a purchase, you are in control. You have the power to say to each business, "If you want my money, you have to make the product correctly and environmentally sound." Simply by saying "you aren't taking my money" to those industries and businesses who are part of the problem, puts you in charge. Nothing changes a company faster than the realization that what they are offering is being rejected and their profits have plunged. So don't be afraid to be a consumer warrior!

Here are suggestions on how to get started. Don't try to take on every single decision in your life all at once. Start with one aspect. Ask nature for help.

How do you "ask nature?" Just say aloud (wherever you may be standing or sitting right now), "Nature, I'd like your help with         [fill in the blank]          please." Then tell nature what you'd like help doing and say, "I ask that all relevant input from nature be given to me through my intuition, gut instinct or any other manner that is consistent with a Perelandra Gut Garden."* 

It really is this simple to begin. Here are some ideas you might start with.

  • Which cleaning products do I use in my kitchen?

  • I'd like to make my food purchases better for the environment and keep healthy food in my budget?

  • How do I shift my clothing purchases to stop harming the environment (and people)?

  • What one thing can I change in my home to reduce my gas/oil/electricity use?

  • What one thing can I do in my yard/garden/patch of grass/apartment balcony to improve the environment?


Pick one thing. Make the change.

When you have that in place, go to the next thing.


* Learn more about Perelandra Gut Gardening:
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          • Nature, Your Partner in Life's Garden
          • Garden Workbook excerpt that includes Chapter 2, "Gut Gardening: Jumping in fast and easy."


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