Articles Related to Human Health

Importance of the Biological Electrical System in Repair, Balancing & Health (40 kb PDF)

Essence of Perelandra (EoP) Stress Breaks

ETS Baths (for humans)

MBP Solutions: Update

Advanced MBP Balancing Solution Use

Biological Triangulation and Microbial Balancing for Disease (45 kb PDF)

Focus and Its Relationship to the Human Electrical System (40 kb PDF)

Eat Right 4 Your Type and other book recommendations

Try This 6. Phantom Limb Pain

Try This 5. Post-Death Essence Process & ETS Plus for Humans

Try This 3. Shoring yourself up before entering an "infection zone"

Try This 2. Medical & military personnel working in high-stress situations

Try This 1. Trauma Care / Emergency Room Response / EMT Response / Battlefield Triage

MAP: Calibration Process Update

MAP: Correction

Health Watch Bulletin: Public Health & Serious Microbial Issues

Health Watch Bulletin: Spring Allergies

Health Watch Bulletin: Food Cravings/Stress

Health Watch Bulletin: Gulf Oil Spill (6/24/10)

Health Watch 1. HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

Health Watch 2. West Nile Virus

Health Watch 3A & B. Sewage Sludge/"Biosolids" — Parts 1 & 2

Health Watch 3C. Sewage Sludge/"Biosolids" — Exposure & Sickness

Health Watch 4. Norwalk Virus

Health Watch 5A. Strengthening Against Exposure

Health Watch 5B. Infectious Diseases

Health Watch 6. Vaccinations (including Smallpox)

Health Watch 7. Chemical Exposure

Health Watch 8. Stress

Health Watch 9. Exposure/Potential Exposure to Nuclear Radiation

Health Watch 11. Sun & Heat Exposure

Health Watch 14. Cancer Protocols

Health Watch 15. Economic Crisis

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