We offer a number of programs and related products for strengthening and supporting your health. Each approach is unique, can be used independently or combined with any of the others. We encourage you to read about the options below, click on what interests you for more information and then start where your gut says "yes." If you would like our help choosing where to begin, call our Question Hot Line.

New Annual Solutions Virus Solution & Bacteria Solution
Climate change has changed the world's health. The global microbial population is adjusting and migrating to new areas, causing disparate and more difficult problems for humans. Unfamiliar microbial patterns are flying around the globe and modifying rapidly as humans pass things around. The bottom line: We truly are in a new world. Taking all of this into consideration, Machaelle and nature have answered the challenge, and we have an extraordinary development.

ETS for Humans
(Emergency Solution)

Perelandra's ETS for Humans is the perfect solution that fits everyone's needs for any sudden or "unscheduled" physical, emotional or mental situation that can be large or small, serious or passing.

PIC: The Perelandra Information Center
For more information about Perelandra's bottled products and what they can do for you, we invite you to PIC, the Perelandra Information Center. Just click on the librarian (at left) to learn more.

Essence of Perelandra (EoP)
Provides a unique balance that adds strength, stability and support for humans, animals, environments and projects.

Perelandra Solutions
The Perelandra Solutions were developed by Machaelle and nature to address a wide range of special concerns for humans (adults and children). All of the Solutions are safe, natural and easy to use.

MBP Balancing Solutions
These Solutions balance and strengthen each of your body's systems and their microbes (digestive, nervous, endocrine, etc.). They are easy to use and there's no learning curve!

Perelandra Essences
Essences work directly with the body's electric system. By taking the correct essences, we balance and stabilize damaged electric circuits.

MAP (Medical Assistance Program)
MAP is a comprehensive medical program that addresses our health on the physical, emotional and mental levels, including our overall well-being.

Microbial Balancing Program
A radically different and extraordinarily effective health program that addresses microbial imbalances in humans, animals and any environment.