by Noel Wilbur

Lately, I've been thinking about the benefits of working with nature in a coning. My experience has shown me the importance of focusing on a certain issue with nature's input. In doing this, I have seen meetings run efficiently and other things become learning experiences.

I find conings most helpful when something needs improvement or doesn't feel quite right; and when I feel blocked and don't know what the next step is. When my higher self connects with Pan, the appropriate members of the White Brotherhood and the deva of what I am dealing with, I get a sense of clarity and awareness of what is important. This helps me to be a responsible and loving person.

It is important to focus on the intent and clear out negative feelings or egos from the coning. Testing flower essences help to do this. Otherwise, it's like being in a relationship, but not hearing your partner because too much personal baggage is interfering with the lines of communication.

Anything that is new is likely to feel strange in the beginning, especially talking to "unseen" listeners. The first time I participated in a coning was at a Perelandra business meeting. I've never been involved in such an unusual meeting before. Nor have I experienced or witnessed one that was as successful. I have become more comfortable and appreciative of this unique method.

There is much to be said for connecting with nature intelligences and getting feedback from those who know best. We need to work with nature.