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Update: March 11, 2019

Ideas and Inspiration
for using Essence of Perelandra to add strength and balance to your life.

EoP in all sizes

We recommend Essence of Perelandra (EoP) often. We also use EoP often. Daily. We use it to support our personal health and well-being and that of our companion animals, to support the work we do with nature for our gardens and projects, to strengthen and balance our homes, gardens, yards, house plants, trees, fields, offices, projects, goals, daily tasks, misbehaving computers and printers . . .

So you see, EoP is helpful for everyone and we want you to make the most of it. Whether you recently learned of it or have been using this Solution for years, you'll find inspiration and encouragement here.

From a Perelandra staff member, when asked to describe their experience of EoP:

"It fosters better mental focus and understanding of how elements of a project work together. It forms an environment that allows these elements to flow and coordinate with each other more easily. It facilitates right order and timing as the elements mesh and work toward the goal. It can bring greater intuitive insights and a sense of 'getting unstuck' when faced with thorny or difficult problems. It does all these things by providing a balanced foundation where things just plain work better because the full support of nature is there."

Here are some ideas and examples of ways to use Essence of Perelandra in your daily life from Machaelle, her staff, and Perelandra customers.

For yourself and your family:

  • Supporting daily health, balance and well-being
  • Providing the foundation for functioning better in your work, a tough meeting, court case, softball match
  • Balancing how you relate to another person or a situation, like trying to communicate with your taciturn teenager or a challenging coworker

For your companion animals:

  • Preparing for a visit to the vet
  • Adjusting to a change in routine
  • Strengthening the balance of your fish tank

For your environment:

  • Maintaining the general balance and well-being of your home, classroom, office, massage room, counseling center
  • Regaining balance after a disruptive event (think storm damage, remodeling, divorce, new baby, family or roommate changes)
  • Strengthening plants, seeds as they are planted, the potting soil

For projects and goals:

  • Managing a hectic schedule
  • Supporting financial stability, a loan application, monthly bill payment, finding student aid
  • Providing a supportive foundation for painting or redecorating your house, writing a book, repairing your car

That's just the beginning! You can learn more through our many articles and posts:

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EoP Experiences
from Perelandra customers

We often hear from folks using Essence of Perelandra, and we share them with you through our "EoP Experiences" webpage. This is one of our favorites:

Essence of Perelandra is the new Duct Tape
I've used 'intent' successfully over many years for making changes in my life, but adding EoP and nature to the mix has made the process faster, more fun and well, more natural. . . . My home is more peaceful, harmonious and fun more of the time since I did the EoP shifting process for that intent. I love love LOVE the stuff!

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Balance in Your Pocket
from the EoP Infusion Pump

The easiest of all uses for Essence of Perelandra is not to be overlooked. The EoP Infusion Pump kept within an inch of your body at all times throughout the day radiates a continuous flow of the EoP balancing pattern to your body's biosphere.

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