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August 26, 2020


The Most Important Daily Solutions
Include Bacteria Solution with your twice-daily doses now.

If ever there was a fall and winter to prepare regarding our health, this one coming up is it. According to the scientists, things are ramping up to slap us with a lot more challenge than we've faced so far. Here is what we at Perelandra suggest:


      • Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution,
            (This is a new recommendation from Machaelle.)

      • Immune System Balancing,

      • Lymphatic System Balancing and

      • Respiratory System Balancing.

These five Perelandra Solutions will provide support in light of microbial activity. They build and strengthen your systems over time. The longer you have been consistently taking them, the better you can hold your own when faced with seasonal and other issues.

If you have relaxed some over the summer and backed away from taking the Perelandra Solutions, start taking them again (daily, 2 times per day) now. All year, we have been recommending Immune, Lymphatic, Respiratory and Virus. For this fall/winter, we recommend you add Bacteria. Take them two times every day — starting now.

If you haven't taken these Solutions at all, prepare yourself physically for the coming season by starting them now — twice daily.

If you smoke, have a chronic or serious illness or condition, or your systems are compromised for any other reason, always take these Solutions twice daily as a rule, and not just when you're concerned about unique or seasonal microbial activity.

Five Important Solutions

The Virus Solution offers broad support for health in this new world, addressing the increase of out-of-control microbial activity, and a range of issues that science is beginning to attribute to microbes.

Update!   The Bacteria Solution will provide important added support in light of what we're all facing as we head into the fall and winter months. Include the Bacteria Solution with your twice-daily strengthening. (For those of you who are already taking Bacteria, keep it up!)

The MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory Solutions provide needed support and balancing for proper function of each body system. The immune and lymphatic systems are the foundation for health, whatever you wish to address. And the importance of supporting your respiratory system is not to be overlooked during this uniquely challenging season.

Purchasing Options

5-Bottle Combo: Virus, Bacteria, Immune Lymphatic, Respiratory
2-Bottle Combo: Virus, Bacteria
3-Bottle Combo: Immune Lymphatic, Respiratory
Individual Bottles: Virus, Bacteria
Individual Bottles: MBP Balancing Solutions

If you have family members who prefer to use just one Perelandra Solution, make it the Virus Solution. When ordering, request the informational Brochure with instructions and pass it along with each bottle you give.

Taking Your Doses

Follow these simple guidelines to make the most of what the Solutions have to offer.

The MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory Solutions  should be taken last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

taking drops
  • You can take these three Solutions at the same time, one after the other. Wait 10 seconds between each dose.

  • In the morning, take the MBPs and then wait 20 minutes before you eat, drink, brush your teeth, take other Solutions or anything else.

  • At night, finish eating, drinking, brushing your teeth or taking any other Solutions, wait 15 minutes, then take your MBP Balancing Solutions and go to sleep.

The Virus Solution  is NOT an "MBP" Solution. Neither is the Bacteria Solution. They can be taken anytime in the morning and anytime in the evening, just not at the same time as your MBPs or any other Solutions.

  • Do not eat or drink for 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after taking the Virus and Bacteria Solutions. Wait 10 seconds between each dose.

For PIC List Testers
The doses recommended here are in addition to any drops taken as part of any PIC Unit. Take your PIC Unit drops at a different time of day. (Learn more about daily MBP Solutions and PIC here.)

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