POSTED: July 29, 2015
Important Message for All MAP Users

Recently, a customer contacted us after being given information about MAP from a trusted friend. The customer had been diagnosed with advanced cancer and was fairly new to MAP. The customer was told that his doctor's diagnosis was wrong and that he was to work with MAP in a different way. He was also told by the friend that Lorpuris was on her team, was telling her what to advise and that Lorpuris would be on his new MAP team.

This was incorrect and terribly dangerous advice, and did not in any way represent how MAP functions. We are bringing this to your attention in the hope we can prevent future serious misunderstandings about MAP and remind you to always contact Perelandra directly if you have any questions or concerns about how to work with MAP, especially when using MAP with serious health conditions.

Here are some important points about how MAP does and does not work:

  • MAP will never give a third party any information about your personal health conditions or about your personal work with MAP.

  • If someone tells you they are giving you information about your MAP work from your MAP team or from Lorpuris, they are making it up or they are delusional.

  • MAP will not tell you to ignore your doctor's advice or medical diagnosis. And the MAP teams will never tell you not to seek medical attention.

  • It is critical that you seek appropriate medical attention when you need it, and when you have a health concern that is serious and you are unsure about what is wrong or how to address it.

  • Lorpuris is not on anyone's MAP team, no matter how emphatically someone might insist he is.

  • Lorpuris will not give information about MAP to anyone other than Machaelle. To be clear, Lorpuris oversees the entire MAP program and is not a member of any individual MAP team. He runs the program and coordinates all the personnel who make up the MAP teams.

  • If there are any changes to MAP, Machaelle will be the first to know and will be sure to get the information to you via the Perelandra website, Perelandra Facebook page and our email lists.

If you ever have questions about MAP, how to work with MAP or if someone is telling you information about MAP that is not consistent with the information Machaelle has published, please contact Perelandra directly. We will answer your questions and help you work with MAP effectively.

Perelandra is not affiliated with any forums, Facebook groups or other websites or organizations. We do not monitor the activities or discussions of any groups. And we do not endorse anyone's information or activities outside of Perelandra, Ltd. If you are participating in a group that discusses Perelandra processes or products and have any questions or concerns about the information or advice given, contact us directly at Perelandra.

Send an email with your question or concern to us:

Or call our Question Hot Line any Wednesday between 10 AM to 8 PM, eastern: 1-540-937-3679

If you are in an emergency situation, you can leave a message for Jeannette and Beth on our Order Line: 1-540-937-2153

To work with MAP correctly and effectively, you MUST have a copy of the book, MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program by Machaelle Wright. It is now in third edition.

To reinforce this very important information, read this Message to MAP Users from Machaelle here.

You can also find this message on pp. 102-103 of the third edition of MAP.

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