Post: March 12, 2020


Important Updates for
Our Customers


The impact of the novel coronavirus is being felt, in varying degrees, by nearly all of you.

We would like to take a moment to update you on how it is impacting Perelandra, our staff and your orders.

As Machaelle noted in her recent message, we have been paying close attention to what is happening, and responding accordingly.

Our top priorities are the health and well being of our staff, and continuing to support all of you who rely on our products at a time like this.

We have contingency plans for myriad situations that will allow us to continue answering your calls, processing your orders and keeping our shelves stocked.

Shipping and Delivery

Due to a significant increase in orders these past few weeks, our shipping times are slightly delayed. On average, we're currently shipping orders within three business days, but allow for up to five business days from when we receive your order to when we hand it off to our shipper.

We have the products on hand, but only have the hands to get so many orders packed up and shipped each day. We have also implemented social distancing measures in several departments, including our mailroom, and can only fit a limited number of staff at a time.

Even though our timing has slowed, as long as shippers are operating, we will continue to get your orders sent to you.

Important: We may adjust our shipper choices as needed to get your products to you, and to further minimize social exposure for our staff. Expect to see changes to available shipping options going forward. We'll continue to offer the lowest rates available to us.


Links to all of our important messages, updates, tips and reminders will remain on our website's home page. If you missed them originally, you'll find that the information will answer many of the questions you're likely to have at this time.

With our continued best wishes,
Your Perelandra Staff