Simplified eCatalog Our online catalog includes all of the products we offer, along with a lot of information. We understand some folks may find it a bit overwhelming! If you're new to Perelandra, and feel "lost in the weeds" on our site, try our streamlined and simplified, "just the basics" eCatalog. It's an easy introduction to Perelandra and as Machaelle puts it, the eCatalog "describes our products without forcing you into a graduate program."

We offer a free paper catalog if you prefer. It's the same information as our eCatalog, but has no buttons to click! Request a free printed catalog »

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We feel that it is important simply to offer our products and not try to convince or push people into something they may have no interest in. This is why we do not do any hard-sell advertising or purchase master mailing and email address lists. And we never sell or share our email or mailing lists with anyone. Information about what we offer has either spread because of folks requesting our catalog, checking our website or by simple word of mouth. Machaelle calls this "organic marketing."

To help describe Machaelle's work on our website and in our catalog, you will find comments from people who have read or experienced Perelandra products. Sometimes you can say it nicely — and in ways we wouldn't dare say ourselves! Product description and ordering pages include customer reviews and comments. In addition, we publish stories and comments from folks who were generous in sharing their experiences with Perelandra information and products. Read what others have to say here: Perelandra Voices.

The Explorer

Other helpful places to begin:

Celebrating the Power of the Individual
If this is your first visit to our site, begin here an introduction to Perelandra from Machaelle Wright (the founder, researcher and developer of all that we offer).

General & Introductory
This page directs you to key information and recommendations for getting started.

PIC: The Perelandra Information Center
The Perelandra Information Center or PIC ("pick") offers an easy way to get personalized information and recommendations on getting started with the Perelandra Solutions and Essences.