Flower Essences

Three years ago my cat, Isis, started chewing the beautiful sable black fur off the sides of her body as well as suddenly attacking my arms and hands, sometimes savagely. Normally, Isis displays a sweet temperament, is an astute judge of character and has been a stalwart companion through really rough bouts of my own Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Many bedridden days of my illness, she never left my side. The first two mainstream vets offered reasons for her problems and tried treatments on her that I disagreed with and thought were dangerous, such as long-term use of cortisone. And she got worse, sometimes experiencing excruciating abdominal spasms that nearly took her life. Changing to a homeopathic vet that used acupuncture helped. After a year and a half, her coat became sleek, shiny and thick. The savage attacks ended, but the abdominal pain remained. She’d let me know when the pain got bad with her mouth, though more gently now. Those looks — filled with pain as she held my hand firmly in her mouth — just plain tore my heart out. The vet and I tried dozens of homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, diet changes, etc. Everything helped some, but nothing stopped the bouts of abdominal pain. Finally, the vet asked me if I couldn’t do something different to help Isis. Could I maybe meditate with her? That moment bells went off in my head; I would try a Nature Healing Coning for Animals. Six months before someone insisted that I order the information for Isis. I ordered it, held it in my hand, grimaced at another “new something or other” to have to learn when I was feeling so miserable and tossed it on the shelf. The vet made doing the Nature Healing Coning an imperative.

April 29th was Isis’s first session. Instantly, right before my eyes, her pain stopped. The next session, though unplanned, demonstrated the efficiency of the Nature Healing Coning for Animals. It was 3 AM, I awoke to Isis biting my foot through the sheets. Lying on my side, one eye barely open, I opened the coning and tested it with kinesiology, working my fingers rapidly under the sheets. In less than a minute, Isis released my foot. In five minutes, Isis was sitting quietly. In ten minutes she was lying down. In fifteen minutes, she stretched on her side and in twenty minutes, she was sound asleep! She slept deeply the rest of the night, awakening hours later sweet-tempered and happy. All of this happened even though I never lifted my head off the pillow and was myself asleep again the minute her session finished. Now, that is efficient!

After listening to Machaelle’s 1993 Nature Workshop tapes, I now work with nature in every step of Isis’s homemade food preparation. This was an area of deep concern for me. Feeding her only boiled, deboned rabbit and a steamed potato, pureed together, felt unbalanced for a long-term diet. The vet suggested adding organ meats. Intuition said “no.” So, I decided to buy a book on how to prepare homemade food for cats. Luckily, all of Machaelle’s books and tapes landed in my lap, convincing me that only nature knew the answer, not a book that was somebody else’s guess. I don’t sense anything, so I used the yes/no format and a written detailed list of every step in her food-buying and preparation process as a starting place. I did not even know what devas and nature spirits to ask for, so I explained what I was doing and asked for the appropriate team members to join me.* During the diet session for Isis, three devas and three nature spirits participated and identified themselves. I not only felt honored and amazed by the crew that showed up, but I felt for the first time confident that we were creating a very healthy and balanced diet. (Nature added in a choice of either pureed raw carrot, snap peas or broccoli, plus a digestive enzyme added at serving time.) Thirteen-year-old cats can be finicky eaters. Not only is Isis a chow hound, but we (nature and I) put together a gentle weight-loss regime. She has already effortlessly and painlessly lost one of the three pounds we agreed that she needed to lose. I had previously used giving her more food as a last ditch type of painkiller, hence the extra weight. The vet is very pleased with her progress. Isis hasn’t needed to see the vet in over two months.

J.S., California

* The information she was looking for can be obtained from the Nature Healing Coning.