Update: August 2020

When you're ready for easy support and recovery,
or when you've just had a rough day . . .

Try an ETS or EoP Bath
(or Spritz!)

Dino Bath Seriously, who hasn't had an "off" day at least once in the last few months?! If you're having difficulty maintaining your balance on any given day, give yourself the support of an ETS or EoP Bath — or spritz! (If you don't have access to a bathtub or just hate sitting in a tub, you can spray the undiluted Solution over your whole body instead. Read on for more about this.)

Take an Essence of Perelandra (EoP) Bath when:

  • You are feeling frazzled from increased demands on your time and energy, or too many changes to your daily routine

  • You usually find the silver living in any situation, but lately it's been more and more difficult to pinpoint

  • You're just out of sorts and need to restore your sense of balance and calm

EoP Bath or Spray Directions

Have an ETS for Humans Bath when:

  • You feel like you're "on the edge" even after taking ETS for Humans orally

  • You're feeling the wear and tear of a long-term issue or difficult recovery

  • You find that you're no longer able to bounce back after each new "hit"

ETS Bath or Spray Directions

ETS and EoP Baths

To ETS or to EoP?

Choose EoP if you want to restore a sense of balance, pull yourself together, get the ground back under your feet.

Choose ETS if you've over-done, outstretched or tried (and almost managed!) to keep up with your kids and grandkids during your recent Zoom dance party.

If you use PKTT, test for whether you should use EoP or ETS, and how many days you would benefit from a bath or an all-over spraying.

You can alternate ETS one day and EoP the next,
but do NOT mix the two together.

Spritzing Tips!

If you prefer a spritz over a bath, you can buy a dedicated spray nozzle that fits onto a 2-oz. bottle and use that whenever you need a full-body spray. Just clean it well before the first use and store it between uses in a clean container. Search the phrase "fine mist sprayers 20/410" online to get sprayers that will fit onto our 2-oz. bottles.

Do NOT mix ETS and EoP together. Use a different nozzle for each Solution.
Do not store the plastic sprayer in your 2-oz. bottle.