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January 10, 2020

Renewed Focus and Determination

Let's continue to multiply the power of the individual.

We shared our first Environment Series message with you waaaay back in 2018. Much has changed since we implored you to participate in Solving the Problem, and we hope you have learned as much as we have in that time.

We're not done yet. Not nearly. We will continue to present a simple thing with each message — action you can take to help address the problems and the damaging impact in your environment.

Thanks to our fearless leader Machaelle, we're offering two new ways to help. She often shares information and articles about what's happening in the world and to the environment with her staff. We think you will appreciate knowing about these two opportunities to take useful action either through changing your buying habits or making a donation.


Help Australian Wildlife

The wildfires in Australia have burned an estimated 18 million acres. The fires have directly impacted, injured or killed over half a billion animals in the province of New South Wales alone, and over a billion animals across the continent. Explore.org is sponsoring a fund drive to help rescue and care for them. You can support their efforts with a donation of any size.

NSW Wildlife Information and Rescue Service Public Gift Fund
[Facebook Fundraiser, Sponsored by Explore.org]


Do You Eat Almonds?

This recent, insightful article from The Guardian about the state of American bees, and what almonds have to do with it, will have you questioning the foods you buy. As with many other suggestions we've made, we hope you will learn more and choose wisely based on what is available to you. Mainly, we hope you'll take nature, the environment and biodiversity into account as a consumer.

'Like sending bees to war.'
[The Guardian, January 2020]


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When an individual has a balanced drive to do well, he uses it to help propel himself along his journey during those times when he finds it difficult to move. ~ Machaelle Wright, Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon

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