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January 17, 2020

An Alternative to Plastic Phone Cases

Dino Phone

New, creative and sustainable alternatives to plastics are coming on the scene every day.

As consumers, there are some things we have to reconsider — like those protective plastic cases on our smart phones. There are options available now!

We just discovered a new one. Well, new to us. Pela makes biodegradable/compostable phone cases from "flaxstic" and zero-waste liquid screen protector.

Did you know each plastic phone case generates about half a pound of plastic?! There are more than 250 million smartphones in the U.S. alone. Every time we buy one of those handy plastic cases to help our smartphone last longer, we are unnecessarily adding to the already more than 8 million tons of plastic dumped into our oceans every year. It's another example of a little change we can all make to build the momentum of more responsible choices, and stem the flow of plastics into our land and sea.

There are other makers of compostable and biodegradable phone cases out there. A quick search online will yield several results. We're not endorsing Pela, and we're not getting any kind of kick-back from telling you about them. We're sharing the link for the same reason we post anything in our Environment Series: We all need to work together, think about what we're doing, learn about new options and adjust our habits!


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