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January 24, 2020

Alternative Articles!

We've learned the National Geographic articles we included in our original message may require you to submit your email address in order to read them. Some of you may not want to do that, so here are informative, alternative articles on the same subjects. Even if you read the first articles, we think you'll appreciate the additional understanding they offer.

Snakes Could Be the Original Source of the New Coronavirus Outbreak in China
[Scientific American]

Why Killer Viruses Are On The Rise
(This article from NPR is a few years old, but still applies. It was ahead of its time!)

Something to Think About

Then let your new understanding influence your actions.


Today's Environment Series message is brief, but important.

Things are moving fast with the latest outbreak — "2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)."

This National Geographic article explains how a coronavirus evolves, and as a result offers an example of the importance of biodiversity and what happens without it:

New coronavirus can spread between humans
— but it started in a wildlife market

And this article, also from National Geographic, adds another important piece to our understanding of biodiversity:

Deforestation is leading to more infectious diseases in humans

Why take the time to read these articles?

Knowledge is power, and knowledge motivates. Knowing what is happening in the bigger picture allows us to better apply the power of our individual choices — taking that extra few minutes to evaluate a purchase, to learn whether it is supporting sustainable practices or contributing to the kind of conditions that throw environmental balance out of whack. And if you have several options in front of you, consider working with nature to determine the best course of action to achieve a balanced result.

Learn more and get started: Be a Change Maker with Nature


The current global crisis is an excellent demonstration of what we humans don't know about interfacing with nature's planet . . . How about allowing nature to join us in equal partnership to give us the input we need to make new decisions? ~ Machaelle Wright, Celebrating the Power of the Individual

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