I wanted to send a thank you note and tell you as briefly as I can about a "small" miracle.

Saturday, December 17th, I came home from work about 3:30 PM. My two-year-old dog, Jazz, staggered up to me with goop on her mouth and chest! Of course, I thought she'd gotten into something. I got out of my uniform and then washed her face and found it was blood. She was bleeding from both ends, mouth and bowels. I opened a Nature Healing Coning for Animals and tested her for flower essences after I cleared myself. All I could get was that Jazz's condition was bacterial. I put the essences on my finger so I could put it on her tongue and found her mouth was freezing cold, like she had been eating ice. I tested every 10 minutes for 40 minutes or so. Then I asked if I should close the coning and got a "no." I checked every half-hour for essences and to see if I should close the coning. I had her on my sleeping bag covered with a wool blanket by the furnace and you could feel the cold through the blanket. I thought she was going to die she was so sick. The coning was open from 4 PM until 11:30 PM on Saturday. She started to warm up at about 10:45 PM. By 11:30 PM she had a piece of rice cake. I tested for that also. Sunday she walked stiff and sort of sideways, but she was alert. I opened a coning from 1 PM until about 3 PM. I checked on everything — food, flower essences, how much activity to allow, everything. I was still very worried.

Monday when I came home from work, Jazz and my other dog, Mochi, were racing back and forth across the yard barking and jumping up and down just like nothing had happened. When I checked with the Deva of Animal Healing, I found that she was not 100% but she was on the way. No romps in the park for two to three more days, but otherwise she was fine. Tuesday it all seemed so weird. She was healthy and actually happier and more content. Yet she had almost died three days before.

All of my testing for Jazz was done with yes/no questions. I keep asking until I think I've got the information and then ask if I've forgotten anything (I'm forgetting less and less). We did not go to the vet. I felt very "hung over" Sunday morning. Seven and a half hours is long for a nature session since I usually get wiped out by a regular length one. Jazz is three-quarters toy poodle and one quarter American eskimo. She's an odd-looking dog and after all this still odd looking, but too sweet for words.

So I wanted to thank you for your work and like the woman in last year's newsletter said, "This stuff works!" Weird!

P.M., Arizona