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Update: June 2023

Job Openings

Looking for something different?

Would working in buildings that are nestled in a woods and sharing space with deer and their fawns, fox families, wild turkeys, owls and a couple of friendly office dogs make you smile? If you looked up from your computer and glanced out the window only to find the neighbor's cow standing outside and staring at you through the window, would you laugh? (Then call the neighbor to tell him to come get his rogue cow.) Do you care about the environment and believe that the global climate actually is changing? Would you like to do something to help address that situation? Do alternative health practices and products intrigue you? Would you like to help share information about our health products with others? Do you prefer cross training instead of being glued to one chair all the time?

If that's you, please send an email telling us why you'd like to work at Perelandra. Include your resume with work history and employment references. Put in the subject line of your email "I'd like to work at Perelandra" and send it to:


We're looking for folks who will enjoy helping our customers, packing orders with great care or/and carefully putting labels on bottles day after day — who are also game for "other duties as assigned."

We have a solid appreciation for technology, so basic computer skills are a must. We also have a solid appreciation for a good sense of humor, so the ability to laugh is essential.

We require COVID vaccination for all employees. And you must agree to follow our health and safety policies and guidelines.

Our positions are honest-to-god, Monday through Thursday, 32-hours-a-week jobs. (Yes, we joined the 4-day work week movement!) If you have an expectation that working at Perelandra means sitting around half the day in discussions and drinking tea, this isn't the place for you. We all work hard and take dim views of people who want to putz along and get in the way.

We do NOT offer apprenticeships, you will not be trained in co-creative science on the job and you will not be hanging out, chatting with Machaelle. Only serious job-seekers need apply.

Perelandra is not a community and does not offer housing. It is best if you already live within commuting distance of the Culpeper/Warrenton, Virginia area before you apply to work at Perelandra.

Our jobs are made up of a million details and mundane tasks that contribute to a picture bigger than most folks dream. If you know how to thrive in the mundane details and have a “helper” mentality and approach to life, we might just have the job for you!

Currently seeking:

  • Website / Publishing Assistant