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July 5, 2019

Multiplying the Power of the Individual

Here's an interesting idea: How about allowing nature — the intelligence inherent in that nature — to join us in equal partnership to give us the input we need to make new decisions and live in new ways that have a strong, positive impact on our lives and our health, as well as the planet? ~ Machaelle Wright, Celebrating the Power of the Individual

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Be ready for the 1st!

New FAQs About the
EoP Biodiversity Process

Thanks to everyone who sent an email, called or posted a comment on our Facebook page to tell us you completed the EoP Biodiversity Process for your home environment on July 1st!

Your enthusiasm is contagious and encouraging. Some of those emails and calls included more questions. You may find the answers helpful.

If I have an outdoor environment, should I also do the Biodiversity Process for my indoor environment? And which would I do first?

You can combine them. Your home is part of your property's biosphere.

Because Machaelle and nature expanded the Biodiversity Process to include indoor environments, you only have to do one inclusive shift for your environment. Include your house and any other buildings in your description and diagram/plat.

Can I do the process more than once a month?

Yes, you can. Just be sure to also do it on the first of every month. For the highest level of effectiveness, we need the greatest number of people participating on the same day.

I'd like to do more. Is there anything else I could do for my home biosphere to lend continuing support to this same goal?

If you've already established a partnership with nature in your garden, farm, yard or home environment, you are contributing additional support. Add clarification to your DDP that you would like climate change to be taken into consideration, and you wish to support biodiversity. (See Part 1 of our Garden Series for more on this.)

If you're new and would like to begin your partnership, get The Perelandra Garden Workbook and read this message from Machaelle.

Read our Environment Series for ideas, hints and tips that address climate change and environmental health.

Another way to lend continuing support is to spread the word about the Biodiversity Process, and help friends who are interested to get started. The more participants on the first of each month, the wider and broader the EoP Biodiversity network, and the deeper its impact in your personal biosphere as well as globally.

Can I reword the focus of the shift?

No. To be effective, we all must use the wording exactly as it is in the process steps.

Is it okay for me to do the Biodiversity Process for the land of a neighbor or friend if they ask me?

Yes, if they ask. Do the process for your home first, then for your neighbor. Make sure you are just as clear with your focus and the description of your neighbor's property as you are with your own.

It would be better to give them a bottle of Essence of Perelandra, and help them do the Biodiversity Process for their own land. Invite your neighbor to join you at your house on August 1st to watch you do the process. Then walk next door and be there while they do the process for their home.

How many people did the Biodiversity Process on July 1?

We wish we knew! It was a lot. We heard from folks in Switzerland, Finland, France, Australia, Japan, Hawaii, across the U.S. and Canada . . . all around the world.

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From nature: Picture one small co-creative garden on the planet's surface. See it as a window into the interior of the planet, into its soul. As the gardener works to align this garden to the new dynamics, watch the window open and the energy contained within the core of the planet gently gravitate to and release through the window. . . . I fully understand that I am aligning deep planetary change and universal movement with the actions of one gardener tending one small garden. That is precisely what I mean to do. ~ Read the full excerpt from The Perelandra Garden Workbook by Machaelle Wright

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