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July 3, 2020

A Series on the Environment from the Question Line Duo

Have a Plastic Free 4th of July!


About Celebrations, the Pandemic and the Heat

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Remember to take ETS for Humans daily — especially if you're going to be out on your deck or patio, or spending time in your yard in the sun and heat. Remember to give ETS for Animals to your pets in light of the heat (and the fireworks!). And give ETS for Plants to your plants, trees, shrubs and even your lawn if it's suffering in the hot sun. Learn more about the ways ETS can support you, your animals and plants in the sun and heat here.

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Let's be honest, we understand that many of you might — against your better judgement — consider relaxing your physical-distancing protocols over the holiday. Please don't.

Now is not the time to break from physical distancing and limiting exposure. Live Smart so that you and your loved ones, and our loved ones, have a chance to celebrate the 4th of July next year and for years to come. To understand why we feel so strongly about this, please listen to this sobering conversation:

COVID-19 Osterholm Podcast, Episode 14: Viral Gravity

Here are a few articles to help you minimize your risk and use your common sense this weekend and throughout the summer.

How To Go Out and Not Spread Coronavirus This Summer
[Vox, July 2020]

4 Easy and Fun Ways to Celebrate 4th of July While Staying at Home!
[Newsweek, July 2020]

4 Steps to a Climate-Friendly Summer Cookout
[EcoWatch June 2020]

Coronavirus: Tips for a Safe and Happy July 4th
[Johns Hopkins Medicine, July 2020]

Now, About Those Single-Use Plastics

beach plastic

The founder of Plastic Free July started her own personal plastic-free challenge one winter in Australia. It could have been any month, but it happened to be July.
(Note: Learn more about that in this wonderful podcast).

As the Plastic Free Challenge has grown and reached the U.S., the benefit of it coinciding with one of our most single-use-plastic-filled holidays is clear.

Think about what you and your household will consume this weekend alone. Look at the single-use plastics you intend to use such as 'disposable' plates, utensils, cups, table cloths, goofy hats and pinwheels and all of that plastic packaging. Ask yourself, "What do I truly need to have a good time and also take the appropriate protective measures in light of the coronavirus?"

Our suggestion is simply this: Of all of the items you and your family plan to use, pick just just one thing (maybe two) that will generate needless plastic trash, and choose a sustainable alternative.

The Plastic Free July foundation's website is chock-full of resources and support to help you figure out your plan:

Plastic Free July: What You Can Do


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It doesn't matter if your family laughs at you when you make changes in your life that go against the norm, or if your co-workers think you're an over-the-top tree-hugger and roll their eyes when you ask them to recycle that soda can they just threw in the trash. At the end, we want to be able to say to ourselves and our children: We were on the right side of history. Be a Change Maker with Nature

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