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Perelandra Processes: The July 1st Invasion

We moved to Water Weasel July 1st, three years ago today. The 28 acres had been pretty much left to itself for many years. We fixed up the cabin so we could live in it and fenced in a large area for our four cats, for their safety and the safety of the wildlife. A year or so after we moved here I discovered Perelandra Essences and processes. I began doing regular energy cleansings for Water Weasel and working with Nature to create a garden, finding harmonious ways to work with country creatures, working with MAP, MBP, and doing healing and balancing work for the cat society. Nature responded by providing me with surprises of flowers and plants here and there in the garden that I hadn't put in, lots of happy birdsong, better health than I've experienced for two decades, and four happy cats.

Two days ago, on Tuesday, we got a call from a police detective asking if he could go through the property to look for a dead body. Evidently the previous owner, who up and left suddenly five years ago, had a visitor who became a "missing person" around that same time. The detective suspected the visitor's body was buried here. He would be bringing four dogs and 8 to 12 people to scour the land on Thursday at 9 a.m. They were hoping to complete the scour within 8 hours.

I quickly e-mailed Perelandra for help. I didn't have a clue how to communicate with Nature to co-creatively prepare for such an invasion. The whole thing was totally opposite what we were doing here. And I had told the land years ago that no dogs would be invited here, that this was to be a safe and benign sanctuary for all wild creatures.

My head was swimming with all the worst case scenarios: dogs howling in the canyon, racing through the brush tearing up growing things, tossing crawlies and creepies here and there; deer terrified, squirrels quivering, the Nature Sanctuary outside of the fence trampled by people and dogs, our cats terrorized hiding under beds and inside closets, and me an emotional wreck imagining, watching, hearing all of this.

I received this e-mail from Sandra the next afternoon:


Dear Meredith,
If you haven't already, check to see what is needed for yourself first in light of the "invasion." (Calibration, telegraph test your emotions about it, etc.) Then let nature know what is happening. Connect with Pan and the nature spirits connected to your land. Tell them that people may be coming through the nature spirit sanctuary, and let them know when. Also connect with the Deva of your land and the devas of all of the wildlife on your land and let them know what is going to happen. Ask if any troubleshooting is necessary to prepare the land, animal population or nature spirit sanctuary for the people coming through. After they are finished with the search, check for troubleshooting again.

I empathize with your feelings about this, but be open to the possibility that you may need to do only minimal work, or none at all. The balance of your land may hold just fine.

All the best,


I was relieved by her loving support. She gave me some guidance, the first being "check to see what's needed for yourself first," then she gave some specifics of how to work with Nature. She suggested that possibly there wouldn't be much, if anything, to do, and that "the balance of your land may hold just fine."

She was absolutely right: most of the work was for me. I used telegraph testing for my three big emotional reactions: fear of the whole circumstance, anger with the intrusion into our sacred space, and concern/sorrow for the creatures and growing things. I needed lots of essences for each, and not just once yesterday, but three times today, too. All I had to do for Water Weasel was a simple Calibration Process, finishing with a few balancers and stabilizers. The cats needed nothing. I found that after I had completed this work I was more relaxed about the pending invasion. I slept well last night. I got up early so I could feed the kitties, let them run around outside, and put them back inside before the arrival.

The detective came to the door 45 minutes earlier than expected. He looked very gentle and caring. He immediately told me he had decided to only bring three dogs with the three women who work with the dogs. He also said they would probably only be working around the creek area, since the rest of the property was too steep to consider carrying a dead body. We had a good connection and I felt calm about their work here. I went to locate the cats. The two fuzzy girls were sound asleep upstairs, and the two boys were outside. Shortly my oldest furry friend came inside asking me all about these visitors, "And, Mom, what about those dogs down by the creek?" I assured him all was okay, and he stayed inside near me, near the window, making sure we were going to be okay. The other furry guy was under the back deck, listening, and I couldn't coax him out. Later, the detective told me they needed to check the backyard, so I stayed near the deck to assure small fuzzy everything was okay. A while later, he came in, big-eyed, a bit skittish, so I gave him half of a homeopathic remedy (he tends to be extremely nervous).

In two hours the detective came to the door. They were done, and they didn't find anything. And, by the way, the "missing person" was last seen 5 years ago on this day, July 1st. The four cats were asleep, and I was calm.

There is no doubt in my mind that the benign result of this event was the work of Nature. There is no doubt at all. And I am once again so grateful for this co-creative work and the wonderful Perelandra Essences.

M.H., Oregon