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June 2020

A Series on the Environment from the Question Line Duo

Birds, Biodiversity and You

New simple ways you can help birds, and include nature's input!


Of all the ideas, tips and messages we have sent to you as part of our Environment Series and Gardening Series, the most popular by far was about simple actions you could take to help birds (here).

And by far the biggest response and participation in a Perelandra process is the monthly EoP Biodiversity Process. So we'd like to challenge you to up your game on both fronts — birds and biodiversity — by including nature's input on the best actions you can take to help birds, bees and more to thrive in balance with your home environment.

In a time when many of us are making new, serious and important changes in our lives, it is helpful to have something light and regenerating — like taking the next step toward enhancing the biodiversity of your own little corner of the world while contributing to the health and balance of the world around you. Here is all you need to get started.

globe tree

Machaelle gave us the blueprint for working with nature to make small, gradual changes in our homes and lives to address environmental crisis when she dared each of us to Be A Change Maker with Nature.

Here, we are adjusting those same instructions somewhat to give you a simple way to include nature's input on which projects or ideas would be best for your home and environment, and how to implement the idea for the best results. All you'll need to do is:

1. Sit down and focus your attention on nature. Say, "Hello nature. I'd like to know what I can do to support wild birds and boost the biodiversity of my home environment."

2. That's it. After saying this to nature, you may wish to say thank you. Then, in your daily life, pay attention to the ideas and thoughts that come your way. Nature will respond and communicate, offer suggestions and clues in a myriad of ways. You just need to pay attention.

3. Act on those options and ideas nature sends your way.


This article offers loads of ways to get the ball rolling. After you read it, come back and try the easy, enjoyable, no-pressure way to work with nature explained above.

More birds and bees, please! 12 easy, expert ways to rewild your garden
[The Guardian, May 2020]

More Simple Actions Here



One more easy way to support biodiversity!
Add your support to the EoP Biodiversity Process on the first day of every month. If you don't yet have Essence of Perelandra (EoP), or if you need to resupply, place your order now so you'll receive your bottle in time to join in the process on the 1st of next month.



"For every solution to a problem to have strength, power and stability, it must have balance. So for every decision we make in life, every change we implement, we have to include nature to provide the solution's balance. Nature knows balance." — Machaelle Wright, Be a Change Maker with Nature

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