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June 19, 2020

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A Series on the Environment from the Question Line Duo

Racial Equity and Our Environment

A special message in honor and celebration of Juneteenth.


Today, Friday, June 19th, thousands of Americans in towns and cities across this country, and thousands more people around the world, will strike, protest and march, calling for definitive changes to the racist status quo in government, business, healthcare, communities and policing.

To paraphrase the National Museum of African American History and Culture, "Juneteenth is a holiday meant to be a time for celebration, to gather as a family, reflect on the past and look to the future." This year, the holiday has taken on a broader meaning and a greater importance for many.


Most folks know Perelandra as a company focused on the environment and health. We have never pointed out Juneteenth to our customers before. So why now? Hopefully, it's obvious. If we are not all, right now, paying closer attention than ever to our country's racist history and how racism continues to be woven into the fabric of our communities, we are not paying attention at all.

More is being said and shared about racism through every outlet, and because we are paying attention, we've had our eyes opened in new and important ways, in deeply painful ways these past weeks.

The hard work, risk and sacrifice of the women and men who are leading this historic movement for Black justice and equality are shattering and transforming the social structure of white privilege. We want to support that change.


Right now, we think the most relevant way for us to participate in this renewed and powerful movement to eradicate racism is to continue to focus on our wheelhouse — environment and health. There's a lot to unpack in that wheelhouse and it is time for our references to expand.

For those who can't be out today, there are other meaningful ways to recognize the importance of Juneteenth, celebrate and look to the future. Here's one — join us in expanding what you know about the environmental movement and those who are leading the way. We share these three enlightening and encouraging articles as a place to begin.


The fight for climate justice and racial justice is intersectional — we cannot have one without the other. So many allies are working to learn more about being anti-racist at the moment . . . there are endless informative articles, documentaries and books out there. Additionally, something you can do is fill your Instagram feed with Black voices.

10 Black Women in the Green Space You'll Want in Your Instagram Feed
[GreenMatters, May 2020]

"Environmental racism kills, air pollution and rollbacks to environmental protections and regulations make it hard for black people to breathe. At NBEJN we are connecting the dots," said Bullard. Globally, the environmental and climate movement has long faced criticisms of failing to understand the crucial role of racial justice in terms of both impact and solutions.

Environmental Justice Means Racial Justice, Say Activists
[The Guardian, June 2020]


We're all in this together now. We are going to be setting ambitious goals to take on all the systems that have worked to destroy our health and welfare and we are not going to stop. This is going to be the biggest movement bringing together all the people who are tackling the biggest issues on the planet. We are going to be unstoppable.

A Pioneer of Environmental Justice Explains Why He Sees Reason for Optimism
[InsideClimate News, June 2020]


For those who will be joining others at an in-person event: ETS EoP

  • Take a dose of ETS for Humans before leaving the house.

  • Bring ETS with you in case you or anyone in your group need it during the day. (If you have an extra bottle, bring that too.)

  • Take another dose of ETS when you get home.

  • Have your EoP Infusion Pump in your pocket before you leave the house.

  • If you have extra EoP Infusion bottles, give them to the others in your group. And if they roll their eyes, you can always tell them that, yes, it may seem a little unusual, but humor you anyway and put it in their front pocket!

  • Take care not to back off your daily doses of the Most Important Daily Solutions. With your added social exposure, the support is more important than ever.


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"To the white people who care about maintaining a habitable planet, I need you to be actively anti-racist. I need you to understand that our inequality crisis is intertwined with the climate crisis. If we don’t work on both, we will succeed at neither." — Dr. Ayana Johnson, Oceanographer [Twitter]

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