Perelandra Question Forum
June 14, 2014

As part of our Virtual Open House, we offered an Online Question Forum with Machaelle answering your questions!

Jerry's Question: I take Joint Health for Humans daily. Is it designed to be used with a second dose focused for specific chronic joint issue as are the original MBP solutions? Any suggestions for shoulder range of motion issues?

Machaelle's Answer: Definitely try telegraphic the Joint Health Solution for a specific chronic problem and see what it gives you. It can't hurt. Years ago, I had a shoulder range-of-motion issue (my shoulder was locked) and I went to a Feldenkrais teacher. She unlocked my pelvis and that allowed my shoulder to move. So, I suggest you get help to unlock your pelvis. (Bet you weren't expecting that answer!)

On that note, folks (who knew we'd end on a pelvis?!), we're closing down today's forum. I hope this has been helpful. I'll see you at the next forum! Have a good weekend everyone. — Machaelle

Harriet's Question: Hello Machaelle, Thank you for Perelandra and everything you do. I am a breast cancer survivor (about 1.5 years ago) and have been taking Immune, Lymphatic, Cell and MBP for about 16 months (twice daily). I also took the Seasonal Balancing Solution in season. I was fortunate that it was early and not that aggressive. Other than the fact I didn't get a heavy cold or flu either winter I really haven't felt any impact of the solutions. Can you suggest how I can listen to my system -- body, soul -- on how these are working for me? Thank you, Harriet

Machaelle's Answer: If you don't get a recurrence of cancer, they're working really well for you. I think that's a good success.

Lauri's Question: Instead of testing for all the Perelandra various essences, what happens if I just take ETS? Does ETS contain all of the Perelandra essences, like Rescue Remedy contains all of the Bach Flower Essences?

Machaelle's Answer: Rescue Remedy doesn't contain all of the Bach Flower Remedies, it contains 5 patterns. The ETS for Humans is a combination of 153 patterns from many different sources, not just flowers. It is specifically designed for the wide range of responses we have that would fall under "trauma." To undertand this, I suggest that you read the chapter on ETS in The Perelandra Essences. It's free online here. The short answer to your question about the essences is that no, ETS does not replace essences. What ETS does and what the Perelandra Essences do are mutually exclusive.

Nancy's Question: What are the best essences for inflammation and for fibromyalgia.

Machaelle's Answer: I understand you have already talked to Jeannette about this. I fully agree with what she said to you.

Colin's Question: One thing I've always wondered - when you decide to retire or you pass away, is there anyone to take up the reigns of your research with nature? Do you have an apprentice(s) to carry on after you, to whom you've shared all your essence making secrets?

Machaelle's Answer: You can relax Colin. I won't be retiring, but when I do kick the bucket (which I plan to do eventually), Perelandra will move forward without missing a beat. The research for new products will be closed down, but the quality and the integrity of the bottled products will continue without a hiccup. I'm not going to leave you guys in the lurch.

Debbra's Question: One last question: Lately have been developing acid reflux and doing MAP sessions around this with progressing results. Seems though, the brandy in Solutions, ETS and Essences can be at times irritating to esophagus and stomach. Switching to vinegar wouldn't help much, since it would also irritate. Is there another way to take these, perhaps diluted, while this situation resolves? Many thanks again Machaelle!

Machaelle's Answer: You can dilute the MBP Solutions if you must, but not the ETS. And you can also dilute the Essences by making an essence solution and storing it in the refridgerator so you don't have to use extra brandy preservative. I don't recommend that you dilute MAP!
You may also want to try eating a little something before you take them — 10 minutes before taking ETS or Essences and 15 minutes before the MBP Solutions or other Perelandra Solutions. Eating a little something might help to soften the blow.

Jackie's Question: Hello Machaelle - as always, I am thankful for the empowerment the Perelandra information, and your work, brought into my life. I have assumed that my MAP team, which tends to my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance is a resource for philosophical questions just like for an stomach ache. I take everything that troubles me to them - eventually. (I hope the teams aren't comparing notes, betting on who has the wackiest "client"...) I was wondering if there is a particular groups of beings a person can work with for broader, less personal issues - like a concern for fracking as an example (the practice of drilling deeply into the earth to "dispose" of the contaminated wastewater when clearly we do not know enough about the inner workings of the earth to know what consequences of that practice.) I do my best to tend to my own property and my own responsibilities, but there are issues out there larger than any one of us. Is that something I should take to my MAP team and expect they will connect me with the right WB member(s) if that type of broader work is in my best interest and the best interest of the earth? Thank you for your work, and thank you for your advice.

Machaelle's Answer: For balancing your environment, use The Perelandra Garden Workbook. For projects such as protesting or changing LOCAL fracking regulations, use the Perelandra Soil-less Garden Companion. It has to be local so that you can act on it as part of your soil-less garden project. You'd be surprised how effective this can be.
As for the best interest of earth — actually the best interest of earth is that you pay attention to your part of that larger picture, and encourage others to pay attention to their part. Collectively, there is where the change is going to come from.

Ed's Question: Machaelle, I have worked with the full set of essences and the new Workbook methods and MAP on my central nervous system sleep apnea, but so far with little success for the symptom "stop breathing in the middle of the night." I use a bi - pap machine, but am stuck. Any advice on how to deal with the most intractable symptom of all?

Machaelle's Answer: I would recommend that you sit down with your MAP team and you say something like, "Look, I need you people to get serious. I want you to deal with the most intractable symptom of all regarding my sleep apnea. I need you to keep me breathing througout the night. So focus on that and stop putzing around." See where that gets you. Aside from this, I'm not sure where to go. But sometimes MAP threats work. And in this case I think you've earned a MAP threat. Also, sometimes we present things to the MAP teams in a little bit of a wishy-washy kind of way and they just need to know that you are finally serious about 100% dealing with this. This may not be an overnight change for you. Give your team a little time. And call the Question Line if this isn't working and we need to try a different route.

Robin's Question: Very recently I experienced a stressful and traumatic work experience with someone who was verbally abusive. I feel like it added an extra load onto my system and am curious if you recommend a specific mix of solutions to try or test. I have most of the balancing solutions and all the essences. Merci--and beautiful day to you all.

Machaelle's Answer: Any time you experience stress or trauma like this, I recommend taking ETS for Humans (Emergency Trauma Solution!). Preferably have the bottle in your purse so that when the person's being a jerk, you can take a dose right then. If the abuse continues, kicking them in the balls might help. But in lieu of that, take ETS 5 times a day until somebody else kicks them in the balls!

Mary Lou's Question: How can I transfer solution from 8 oz. bottles to the 1/2-oz. for travel? Can I use any 1/2-oz. bottle? Does the 1/2-oz. bottle need to be sterilized? Thank you for all you do.

Machaelle's Answer: The easiest way to transfer the solutions with the least amount of washing required is to use the 1/2-oz. dropper to move the solution a dropperful at a time into the smaller bottle. Just make sure you don't use one dropper for more than one solution. The bottle doesn't have to be sterilized, just wash well in hot, soapy water.

Jean's Question: Hi Machaelle. Thanks for this. I'm 76, in good health, and very new to all this. I had total knee replacement surgery 6/3 and have been taking ETS+ about 5 times a day. What to do to heal my knee and how to get this anesthesia from my mind and body? I'm not thinking as clearly as before surgery. Thanks.

Machaelle's Answer: I suggest continuing to take ETS for Humans five times a day until you feel you are completely through your recuperation. What is coming to my mind is that you're not dealing with anestheasia primarily. You're dealing with the impact of major surgery on your body and your mind, and you need to relax and just move through your full recuperation period as it takes care of itself. I also recommend that you add MBP Immune and Lymphatic Solutions, and the Joint Health for Humans Solutions. Add them to your daily regimine. Take them twice daily as you move through your recuperation, and consider that you may take them once daily for structural support beyond your recuperation.

Laurelin's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thank you for all of your good work! I used MAP quite a bit many years ago and then (for many silly reasons I won't go into!) got side-tracked and haven't used it for several years now. To reconnect with this process and my team, should I start over like I'm new to the process and use the schedule suggested in the MAP book for beginning, or just open a session to reconnect with my team and start from there to work with them again. Again, thank you so much for everything.

Machaelle's Answer: Just open a regular session (not a scanning) and reconnect with your MAP team. They'll get your records up to date.

April's Question: When leaving solution (or solids) bowls after land clearing or balancing processes, is it okay to place them under a porch overhang, or under a table, but still open to the air outside? I recently assisted someone in using the Perelandra processes on her land and rain was forecast, so we did this. Just wanted to ask ….

Machaelle's Answer: It's perfectly fine to do this when you're working with an outdoor environment.

Coya's Question: I'm having a multitude of abdominal issues while bolstering through years of a Lyme disease diagnosis. I am taking ETS, EOP, MBP's Lymph & Immune, Bites & Stings for Human (started this one about a month ago) & MAP 2X/wk - will work more with your Duo on the hotline. For today - please comment on the parasites, biting bugs long term disease "syndromes". Should I be taking the parasite solution [Human External Parasites Solution], as well? Brain fog is huge - so forgive if not making sense.... Thanks for your awareness.

Machaelle's Answer: From what you are saying here, I think you're going in a good direction. But since you brought up the hot line, I really think you need to call the Question Hot Line for the next step of how to weave this together better. I'm having a bit of trouble navigating through the brain fog. A phone call will help with that.

Lyn's Question: 1. A very frightened norwegian forest cat, half feral, from a shelter. What can I use from the Perelandra Essences to help balance her, help remove the fears? 2. Some kind of predator (probably other, but fully feral cats) in my yard. Anything I can do to keep them out besides staking cucumbers in their tails? (just kidding obviously) but they are by nature killers and have killed several birds, a baby rabbit. 3. Garden needs 'thirsty' plants, is the MAP process good for identifying genres that would take?

Machaelle's Answer: 1. If you want to use the Perelandra Essences, you're going to have to test her for what will help her. But you can use ETS for Animals to help her without any testing.
2. You're going to have to test the Troubleshooting 2.1 Process for your yard to shift the balance in a way that discourages the predators from coming into your yard.
3. MAP is for human beings, not plants or anything else. The Perelandra Garden Workbook gives you the process for identifying the plant genres that would work best for your environment.

Elizabeth's Question: I am using the MBP and I wonder why it is that balancing the microbes balances me?

Machaelle's Answer: Really? Have you actually read the beginning chapters of the Microbial Balancing Program Manual? I just can't explain it any more clearly than that. I don't understand why you're asking this question. You have 10 times more microbes in your body than you have cells. It would be really good to keep them balanced.

Rose's Question: Your suggestion please for someone who has already broken out with shingles? Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: The thing is, I don't know how familiar you are with the Perelandra products, and if you're familiar with PKTT (kinesiology), and what you have on hand. So I'll start with the bare minimum: MBP Immune, Lymphatic, Nervous, Cardiovascular, Integumentary and Endocrine Balancing Solutions and lots of ETS for Humans (3-5 times daily). You're taking the MBP Solutions twice daily. You can even apply the ETS topically. We've heard it really helps with the itching and pain.

Rebecca's Question: Hello Machaelle and Perelandra Team: I was recently diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer and underwent lumpectomy + 4 lymph nodes removal 4 weeks ago. I will start chemo next week for total of 6 cycles every 3 weeks followed by 6 weeks of daily radiation. I have EoP and will start with MAP but would like to know if you can recommend particular solutions that will help with treatment side effects but also help their effectiveness. Thank you very much for this Open House Forum! Many blessings!!

Machaelle's Answer: I have a full cancer protocol in this Health Watch on Cancer. Others have received a lot of support during chemotherapy and radiation by taking ETS for Humans before and after a treatment. Also, taking 3 additional doses throughout each day, whether or not they're receiving treatment. If you experience a lot of pain from the treatment, consider taking an ETS for Humans bath on treatment days for relief.

Anonymous's Question: I'm swamped by details! Using the Organizing Process or TT for chronic illness I could go on for pages with detailed symptoms, but then it's too much to deal with. (I start and then don't follow through.) Any suggestions? (What I've tried so far is taking this to my MAP team, who suggested I deal simultaneously with 2 related health issues using 2 weekly MAP sessions, and that I do MBP for General Balancing using the TT chart. This has been working really well. But I'm still stymied by that detail issue.)

Machaelle's Answer: Well Anonymous, I suggest you follow your MAP team's advice since it's working for you and stop trying to over-ride it with that detail issue. Just follow their bouncing ball.

Marie's Question: I have a question, then a comment on fungi from a previous question on this list today. 1. I had shoulder surgery 2-1/2 weeks ago for bone spurs/arthritis/some adhesions on my right side. I need to strengthen back muscles so I stand/sit straighter with correct muscles working. What suggestions for essences do you have during my rehab time. Also, I would appreciate suggestions to speed healing and to prevent bone spurs from coming back. I am 76 years old and love X-country skiing, gardening, mushroom forays, and other outdoor things. 2nd question/comment: I speak as an amateur mycologist active in both the National and Michigan Mushroom Clubs. When you speak of toadstools and mushrooms, we have about 250 fungal edibles and 3000 species here in Michigan alone, so the possibilities for essences are nearly unlimited. Some fungi are medicinal "as is". Only a few are being made into homeopathic remedies which are vibrational medicins too. Perhaps some one else will be called to experiment with fungi essences? I've wondered about the potential for 'essences' before. Fungi were the very first life forms on the planet.

Machaelle's Answer: I can suggest to you MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Muscular Balancing Solutions. Beyond this, I can't suggest anything specific because you're going to need to, for example, test essences for your individual situation. If you are looking for speed healing, that translates to a "miracle cure." You're going to have to look elsewhere for that. Include the MBP Skeletal Solution with the others I'm suggesting to balance your skeletal system so that bone spurs are less likely to form.
RE: The toadstools and mushrooms. Whoever feels called to produce them — good luck with that and I wish you the best. It's not on my agenda.

Catherine's Question: Barbara (Q. 13) asked about Geopathic Zones. I checked the suggested page numbers in the Garden Workbook. The 2.1 Troubleshooting chart doesn't list Geopathic Zones as an option. Should I add it to the Troubleshooting Chart? (I might not realize that for either General Balancing or a specific problem there's a Geopathic Zone issue, requiring a sequence of 3 processes to 25 feet depth instead of the usual depth.)

Machaelle's Answer: If a Geopathic Zone needs to be addressed, it will be addressed while doing those processes on the troubleshooting. It's an automatic inclusion. It's part of the streamlining that 2.1 troubleshooting gives you.

Julianna's Question: Hi, How forgiving are our MAP teams? I find myself very inconsiderate at times getting distracted by things and forgetting that I've opened a coning. Also, am I correct in opening an all day coning for workshops that I teach when I feel I need the extra assistance? Workshops are part of my SLG. I hope you do live video-classes someday, I've been involved with MAP for over a decade and still feel overwhelmed when I try to expand my procedures to include telegraph testing etc. I tend to learn better by seeing things done rather than reading and then trying to apply. Thanks for all you do!

Machaelle's Answer: The MAP teams understand they're working with human beings. But just because they have this understanding, doesn't mean we should take advantange of it. It's important that we take responsibility to conduct ourselves well in a MAP session. We do have our responsibility to uphold. If you forget to close a MAP coning or any coning and then go on about your business, you're just going to experience a strong physical energy drain during that time while the coning's open for no reason at all.
If when you're talking about an all-day coning, you mean a soil-less garden coning, then yes, it might be helpful to have the coning open when giving a workshop. You can ask your SLG team if this is appropriate or needed.

Catherine's Question: Tele-class is a great idea. I just watched the MAP Workshop DVDs recently -- they were very helpful. It would be nice to have something that includes the many updates (e.g., new approaches to MAP/Calibration, ETS+, Body/Soul Fusion Process, EoP with MAP).

Machaelle's Answer: DVDs are a bit complex to set-up and produce. For the time-being, you'll have to make do with the updates and inserts we've been including. The tele-class idea has now been beaten back so far, it just fell out of my head.

Catherine's Question: Re: Question 10, I'm trying to understand your suggestion better (situation with bees in a house) -- would that be done using a single 2.1 Troubleshooting (for the House? Property?), and then add wildlife troubleshooting if it turns up as needed?

Machaelle's Answer: If you need a Wildlife Troubleshooting, it will come up in the 2.1 Troubleshooting Process. But you need to remember you're addressing both issues -- the bees and the wooden structure -- when you're setting up the 2.1 Troubleshooting Process. Another clarification: My recommendation is to include both things on the same troubleshooting chart.

Francine's Question: Hi Machaelle, I've been doing the Basic Essence Test twice daily (or more when I'm sick) for about a year. I've also been using most of the solutions as well as ETS Plus extensively as suggested by Beth who has been a huge support. I've had great results and have been able to move forward in ways I couldn't for decades (I even took a trip to Mexico thanks in large part to ETS Plus!). I am very grateful to have Perelandra in my life. I'm now getting ready to do Basic Telegraph Tests for the chronic illnesses that are much less intense but still persist. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD and Borderline Personality disorder. How do I address all the symptoms with the basic telegraph test since some overlap? I'm also feeling a little overwhelmed by trying to figure out all my symptoms. I also experience insomnia, IBS and PMS and I believe that they are largely related to the mental and emotional issues. Would it be better to address the mental and emotional issues first? Lastly, I've been thinking about the Microbial Balancing Program. Should I do that along with the BTT? Thank you!!

Machaelle's Answer: This is such a complex situation, and you already have worked with Beth successfully, I strongly suggest that you call Beth and work out your next step together. I can't get enough clarity in the information you can give me over the forum to give you a clear route forward. And that's really what you need — a clear next step. I also feel that we need to simplify these steps forward as much as possible for the best results. You're unraveling a lot. So I recommend that you call Beth Wednesday on the Question Hot Line.

Ann's Question: I'm thrilled to report that using the new essences for External, Internal parasites, and Bites and Stings has protected me from any tick bites so far this year. In the past I would have had a least two or three bites by now. This has enabled me to spend more time in the garden and fields and I'm loving it. My area is saturated with ticks. Should I also do a trouble shooting process for the land and the ticks? Thank you for your work! I've been using your essences and processes for over 20 years and can't imagine my life without them. They have been the most valuable part of my healing system for myself and my family.

Machaelle's Answer: Well, Ann, this makes me smile. I'm very pleased to hear your feedback on this. The Perelandra fields are saturated with ticks too. If you do a troubleshooting process for your land and the ticks, focus the process on providing what's needed for healthy ticks, and a balanced tick population. Again, thank you for your feedback on the new Solutions. It's good to hear from you.

Deb's Question: One more question about Soil less Garden - How does the ETS for Soil-less Gardens preparation differ from ETS? And if I do commence with the Soil-less Garden work, would it be important to use both solutions, or would just ETS be sufficient?

Machaelle's Answer: I am assuming the other ETS you're referring to is ETS for Humans, which is specifically designed for human beings. The ETS for Soil-less Gardens is specifically designed for soil-less gardens. The ETS for Humans will help support you, not your soil-less garden. And the ETS for Soil-less Gardens will support your soil-less garden and not you.

Boris's Question: Hi Machaelle, the Perelandra Staff and the Nature Intelligencies! I'd like to know what do you think about angels in the co-creative work. Angels and Devas are the same entities? Thanks

Machaelle's Answer: Some people use the word "angel" when they're referring to devas. I just use the name "deva." Beyond this, I have no thoughts about angels. Because for many people "angels" has a human connotation, I use "devas" to keep things nature focused.

Alice's Question: I have two questions; 1) What type of vinegar do you use in the flower essence solutions? Is it organic, is it white wine vinegar? Do you do any special process to purify it before it goes into the flower essence solutions? 2) For the MAP program when doing sessions is it ok to be silent for most of the session? I find that I am only having a few minutes worth of things to say. Thank you

Machaelle's Answer: 1) It's distilled white vinegar. You don't have to purify it because it's its own purifying solution. We do daily Business Energy Cleansings on all of the materials we use for the Perelandra products. 2) I always recommend to people that you say to your MAP team what you need to say and after that shut up and enjoy the ride. It's not a chatting session, so you're doing exactly what you need to do.

Debbra's Question: Hello again Machaelle. Another question: In testing for essences, is it important to test them all at one sitting, or could I do a few boxes in the morning, and a few more in the afternoon? Sometimes I just don't have the time (or energy) to go through all five boxes at one time. Thank you!

Machaelle's Answer: If you want the most comprehensive results, you need to test all of the essences you have all at once. If you only want to choose one set to test at a time, then set up your test up front and say, "I am only testing this one set (name the set)." The results you get will apply to what you're testing, but it won't be your most comprehensive / best result. That one set is doing the best it could possibly do under the circumstances. After a couple of weeks of testing all of the sets once daily, you'll be practiced and it will take you less time.

Diane's Question: Cleaning and re-organizing recently, and discovered I have part of an 8 oz bottle and two 2-oz. bottles of FSBS+!! Is there likely to be any future use for that, or should I dispose of it? Thanks!!

Machaelle's Answer: I recommend you keep them. There's always a chance that all of those FSBS+ bottles will be useful. I'm recommending that everyone hold on to their bottles.

Dave's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thank you so much for the beautiful service you provide for the world. I'm very new to this but find it absolutely fascinating! I'm interested in finding some work (semi-retired) but am not presently feeling very motivated. I was wondering if the SLG can help me with this. Where would be a good place to start as far as ordering materials?

Machaelle's Answer: Essence of Perelandra (EoP) might be a good place to start, but this is more complex. Call the Question Hot Line (1-540-937-3679) and talk it through.

Deb's Question: Hi Machaelle and all, Thanks for all you are doing to improving the world. I am new to all this - I am using MAP twice weekly and ETS often I am a Singer/Songwriter. My songs are mostly spiritual and growth based - not at all main stream music for the most part and I Am interested in possibly using the Soil less Garden work as a way to focus on my dream of bringing these songs to others in the world that might benefit from them. Is this the right use of the Soil-less Garden work? (sorry, I don't even know what to call it). I ordered the book but not any particular essences to go with it. Again, thanks for all you do.I love my MAP team!!!

Machaelle's Answer: I think you should focus your soil-less garden on writing the best music you can write, and let everybody else decide for themselves if they want to listen to it. I think you'll find this approach the most satisfying and rewarding. Also, the Soil-less Garden Companion book is companion to the Soil-less Garden DVD. For full information, you should have both.

Tom Mc's Question: I am a bit unclear about PAN. In my visualization he appears similar to Krishna, using the subtle flute to connect it all. Could you clarify PAN's role etc? Thank you :)

Machaelle's Answer: Read the section about Pan on page 13 in chapter 1 of The Perelandra Garden Workbook here.

Cindy's Question: Body weight issues. I tried weight and energy balancing twice a day and extended the process for another round. The result was 15 additional pounds... Can't believe that this is my balanced result since I am already carrying more weight than my body needs by about 60 lbs. I'm feel that I am in good shape for the shape I'm in. Blessed with excellent health... but really want the excess weight to disappear. I once weighed over 300 pounds and I turn 70 next week. Suggestions?

Machaelle's Answer: It's not uncommon to experience losing weight initially, then gaining weight and then losing weight. Or gaining weight and then losing weight. People are having different rhythms. You also need to allow for your thinking around weight and energy to change. That's what these Solutions are also supporting. But while you're addressing this and looking at how you're thinking is changing about weight, diet, energy, your eating habits and activities, etc., I am recommending to people that they commit to walking 20 minutes a day for a year. Just go for a walk for 20 minutes a day for a year. You've got to allow the Energy Balancing Solution also to kick in while addressing weight balancing. With all the individual responses we're having, I encourage you to stay with this because I think you're going to come out the other end a lot stronger than you realize.

Tom Mc's Question: First of all, thank you for offering this to us! I have been yearning for the empowerment and deeper conscious awareness of the 'invisible beings' that surround and support us. While I have only had a few sessions, the MAP team's presence was palatable. After my first session I was aware of a continuing presence that was/is around me subtly. 1) Is this part of the White Brotherhood distinct from MAP? I have been 'around' for a while, perhaps it is simply better attunement to other entities? 2) Could you please expand upon the makeup, dynamics and purpose of the White Brotherhood? I welcome and thank them for their company. I intend to make their presence more felt in my moment to moment awareness. 3) Any suggestions to facilitate this? Thank you!

Machaelle's Answer: I refer you to my answer to Ralph in question #8 regarding the effect of coning members outside of the coning (which doesn't exist). As for your journey with the White Brotherhood project . . . I suggest you ask them to explain themselves. Tell them your questions and areas of information you'd like to know.

Spring's Question: Hello. I started a soil-less garden a year ago, but after a month and a half of diligently working on the Starting Process step, I got discouraged and stopped. I'm ready to pick it up again. Do I need to close anything down (not sure if a SLG exists if I didn't get past the Starting Process)? Start all over from scratch? Is it weird that step one took so long?

Machaelle's Answer: Step 1 is choose a project. Yes, you're probably going to have trouble if you couldn't choose a project. Step 2 is write a DDP (definition, direction and purpose). And again, you're going to have a problem if you can't define, explain or direct the goals of your project. In light of this, I do suggest that you start over.

P's Question: Hi, Do I have to own all the MBP Solutions to telegraph which ones I need for particular problems? I have carpal tunnel and a bunion on one foot and would like to know it there are any that could help. Thank you!

Machaelle's Answer: All you have to do is focus on the question, "Which MBP Balancing Solutions do I need for _____?" and then test the list of MBP Solutions here. You can confirm your testing when the bottles arrive. You'll need to focus on each issue / symptom separately. Make sure you include the Immune and Lymphatic Solutions because these are the ones you always start with.

Vicki's Question: Hi Machaelle. The timing of this forum couldn't be better. 3 weeks ago, about 48 of us, who had recently begun using MAP, formed a Group on Facebook, and since then, several Perelandra customers have joined us after finding my post on your Facebook page. Most of the conversations, at this time, focus on MAP experiences, and a little on your other books, Solutions and Essences. We share some incredible experiences, and discuss what we learn in the books, and on the Hotline, and we support, uplift and encourage one another. We have members in Europe, Australia, and N. America. We are grateful for your work and its effect on our lives. Our Group welcome any and all friends of Perelandra to join us, by searching "The Essential MAP Group". As a whole, we offer to you and your co-creative partners much love and gratitude, and great blessings. Vicki Hilger

Machaelle's Answer: This is a terrific idea. I know one of the problems people have talked about over the many years is feeling isolated from one another. This is using technology to break down that isolation, which is great.
Just a note to everyone: I am not monitoring this endeavor. If you have any questions or need clarifications, don't hesitate to call our Question Hot Line (1-540-937-3679) to clear things up.

Rhianna's Question: This is actually a response to Tulis, rather than a question. When I retired, I had 6 months to write a full book of instructions so someone else could do my job! I had to do my regular job at the same time. I used Essence of Perelandra during that whole 6 months, and everything fell right into place. Just a thought!

Machaelle's Answer: Excellent suggestion Rhianna!

Tulis's Question: FYI I thank you just about every friggin' day. I take that back. EVERY day. Will do the purchases and then start a garden to get the flow to flow. Beth and Jeanette I WILL be on the horn to you right after that. xoxo

Machaelle's Answer: You go girl!

21's Question: Would love to see an updated photo of you on the website and in your catalog. For those of us who don't know you personally, it would be nice to see how you've changed over the years.

Machaelle's Answer: I have 4 arms, a big wart on my chin and another one on the end of my nose. I'm 7 feet tall. And I weight 32 pounds. Can you understand why I don't want a picture taken?!

Karen's Question: Hi, If I could choose to keep one thing it would be all my Perelandra stuff. I love it so much! I would like to know, how often can you or should you do a Perelandra Clearing on a property? Thanks

Machaelle's Answer: Are you referring to the Energy Cleansing Process? You can do that weekly if you want. But you might want to ask nature how often it's needed.

Niseema's Question: Hi Machaelle, I use pretty much all the products/processes that you have offered. I am finding that the new solutions for weight, joint and energy don't seem as quick to act as the others. Beth indicated that they seem to have a "slower roll" and would check with you about that. Any thoughts? Any way to make it "faster" My apologies to nature for any offense... Thanks.

Machaelle's Answer: Some people are not having a slower roll. The slower roll has to do with your individual needs and responses when it comes to building the body with these new solutions. My suggestion is that you not dink around with your own system's individuality and let it build in its own natural way.

Debbra's Question: Hello Machaelle, and thank you for this forum today, and for blazing this amazing trail! Have just finished reading Behaving, Dancing, and now onto Mission. And for the past few months using the MAP program and beginning essences. My question is about candida, and the imbalances that can occur in intestinal flora. Have been told I have this, but symptoms are transient. Is there a balancing solution for this, or would that condition naturally come into balance by using essences over time? Thank you again!

Machaelle's Answer: That condition can come into balance by using the Microbial Balancing Solutions over time (use the ones that pertain to the body systems involved in your situation, starting with Immune, Lymphatic and Digestive). After that, I direct you to the Telegraph Testing Checklist for Chronic Illness in The Perelandra Essences book.

Lynne's Question: Thank you for all you do! I have some post-surgical foot numbness that is slowly coming back. Would the MPB Nervous System help the nerves regrow?

Machaelle's Answer: It won't help them regrow. It will help them balance the damage.

Cathy's Question: I live in a semidetached house. When I do an Energy Cleansing Process, should I include the area that extends 5 feet into my neighbours house, or end the area at the border between the 2 houses?

Machaelle's Answer: Include the 5 feet because the energy that you're cleansing also impacts 5 feet into your neighbor's. You're taking responsibility for that impact and clearing it out. You're not taking care of their own impact of their property.

MJ's Question: Hi Machaelle, two questions - Recent health issues 1) for osteoporosis 2) calcification of tissue in my breast which is being monitored. Also -- I've enjoyed the Healthy Aging Essence [Natural Aging Solution]; so effective. I'm feeling better about 'things' so do you recommend taking it again when aging worries resurface? Bouquets of thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: I recommend that you take Natural Aging once daily until you naturally age to the point that you die. Then you can stop. ;-)
If you're taking it daily, you shouldn't need to take it any additional times throughout the day. But look, use your common sense. If you notice that you are having aging worries, you don't lose anything by taking an extra dose of Natural Aging so use your own judgement on this.
If you're asking for suggestions for MBP Solutions that might help osteoporosis and calcification of tissue, I can suggest: Immune, Lymphatic, Skeletal, Endocrine and Cell. I think the two health issues you list touch into each one of these physical systems.

Toni's Question: I have been taking Immune, Lymphatic for years. Can you tell me the order and wait time to take the following: Immune, Lymphatic, Flu, Respiratory, ETS, Essence of Perelandra. Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: Take ETS or Essence of Perelandra any time. Before bed time, wait 15 minutes after you finish eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, etc. and then take Seasonal Balancing, Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory. Always take Seasonal first in this group. Wait about 5 seconds between each.

Barbara's Question: I am unable to find any reference to energy clearings for geopathic zones in the new Perelandra Garden Workbook. Am I missing that? Or does the new Energy Cleasing Process automatically take care of any geopathic zones?

Machaelle's Answer: See pages 230 - 234 of the Garden Workbook.

Katherine's Question: Also, can you recommend solution combos for someone about to undergo radiation? It is an elderly family member and I find testing for family can be tricky.

Machaelle's Answer: No, I can't give you a recommendation except to read the Health Watch protocol on cancer. It's important not to push this stuff onto family members who don't want it. I encourage you to be sensitive to the wishes of your elderly family member.

Katherine's Question: I find that the name I use when working with MAP has changed several times over the years. My current one is that of a plant generally considered a weed but has a huge amount of omega 3 fatty acids plus a lot of dietary minerals. Questions: Are there particular reasons why names change? And maybe I should be sampling some of this weed? Many thanks for all your work. It keeps me healthy and busy keeping up with very productive soil-less gardens!

Machaelle's Answer: Katherine, don't worry about this. Just change the name when you feel like changing the name as long as your MAP team knows what name you're calling them. Don't take it as a clue to go eat weeds in your yard. A name is a name is a name — not an assignment.

Karen's Question: Do you have any suggestions for how I can encourage carpenter bees to not eat my small wooden house?? They are doing considerable damage.

Machaelle's Answer: Oh Karen, I have a feeling you want a simple answer where I say, "Stand in your yard, put a cucumber in your ear and chant 'Go away! Go away! Go away!' three times." But that's not how this works. The carpenter bees are telling you that something is way out of balance. You need to jump into the Perelandra Garden Workbook and put both the bees and the small wooden house through a Troubleshooting 2.1 Chart and do what's needed to restore balance. That'll take care of your carpenter bee problem. The good news about this — you won't have to buy extra cucumbers to stick in your ear. Or scare your neighbors!

Ron's Question: My question is have you ever considered making essences out of mushrooms or toadstools? I am often struck with their unique beauty and am curious if you have investigated what they have to offer. Thank you for your consideration Ron

Machaelle's Answer: We just recently tried that fungus thing and it was a disaster. So we're sticking to what nature says to make instead. But do we have a roquefort cheese opportunity for you! And my staff would kill me if I came in with a mushroom or toadstool line because we have no more shelf room for any more bottles!

Ralph's Question: Thank you Machaelle for offering this service to the world, God knows we need it. I just started with Perelandra after hearing about it from a friend. I bought the MAP Book and ETS +. This week I have got what I think was guidance from my team and didn't have a coning open. I feel they are with me when I am particularly present in the moment. Does this sound accurate according to your experience? Thank you again. Ralph

Machaelle's Answer: When you close the coning, the coning is closed and they are not with you. However, what may be happening for you is that as part of the MAP "service" they will set up the avenues for information to get to you. That's what you're probably picking up is the cross-roads of information. But what's important for you to remember is that you have control of when you're connected to the MAP team and when you're not through the coning. They're never going to over-ride that control.

Tulis's Question: Hello Machaelle - My pattern is to often get into overwhelm. Things get splintered and I feel as though I am always catching up. My vocations are many - actor, writer, wedding officiant, personal assistant, producer, critic - and each brings me great satisfaction. I am wondering if there is a soil-less garden approach for balance - not certain if that is the right word. I want to be joyfully active instead of shooting from the hip most of the time. Feel engaged instead of wondering if I have forgotten something. Thanks.

Machaelle's Answer: Hey Tulis! Get an iPad and introduce yourself to DropTask. It is a brilliant, remarkable, wonderful, color-coded, artistically appealing way of organizing beyond your dreams. (I just got into it and I love it. About 5 of us are using it here and we love it.) So, you could do a soil-less garden for this, but it would probably be a hell of a lot easier if you work on DropTask first. One thing DropTask gives you is the visual verification that you're crazy-overwhelmed and gives you ideas visually of how to straighten that out. You're gonna thank me Tulis!

Sylvia's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thank you for all that you do and for beautiful Perelandra, which blesses our lives through the products and energies continuously! My question is would you ever consider the possibility of offering a Tele-class?

Machaelle's Answer: First Sylvia, I had to turn to Beth our tech person and say, "What the hell's a tele-class?" and she told me. To be honest, it does bang around in the back of my head. But then I beat it back periodically and tell it to shut up. Don't look for it any time soon, but you never know what might happen in the future . . .

Karen's Question: No question. Just interested in what everyone has to say. Thanks.

Machaelle's Answer: Okay everyone, Karen wants to know what you have to say, so pony up on the questions!

Mark's Question: Hi M my question is can you recommend anything for the occasional sinus problems I have. Also with my next order, will you be supplying crackers? ( I'll let you think about that one. ) :-)

Machaelle's Answer: I got it! I got it! You mean cheese and crackers. Hah!
Sometimes when I'm hit particularly hard with seasonal allergies and my sinuses act up, I take it to MAP. They seem to do brilliantly for me. P.S. You'll have to buy your own crackers and make your own cheese, we just supply the fungus!

Susan's Question: Hello Perelandra People. I continue to get your email notices holding you and your establishment in my awareness… You show up for me when you show up, I am in awareness then. Thank you all for all you do … I have been on a lull for some time now with the essences using only ETS and EOP . On occasion, my “self” wants to test all the bottles and I find I seldom have a positive read. So I guess this is why I am in a lull – my “self” whom I am more guided by knows what I need and when. Machaelle a note to say thanks for the published writings of your experience, I read some time ago. At that time I “trusted” something I understood through the sharing of your experience, now over the last several years having become more embodied I find the truth of my self – I have come to find I am the truth. So far this is not a question and this is a question forum so I will pose a question … How are you all? Susan from Alberta Canada

Machaelle's Answer: Dear Susan from Canada, we're doin' fine. Thank you.

Yvonne's Question: No question today, just want to say thanks for the question forum, there is now a support group for MAP users on facebook... This thing is growing bigger and better. We heart Perelandra and Machaelle!

Machaelle's Answer: Okay! This is great to hear.

Christine in Nelson's Question: Have you heard of the Mouth Balancing Solution assisting to grow gum tissue in the mouth? After 60 plus years of brushing my teeth, I have a fair amount of exposed root from receding gums. I just never mastered the correct way of holding an electric or manual toothbrush. Thank you,

Machaelle's Answer: I haven't heard of this specifically about gum tissue. However, Mouth Balancing balances, resets and stabilizes the whole mouth environment. Which, if the mouth were prone to do this, would encourage gum growth.

PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
Solutions = MBP Balancing Solutions
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels