Emergency MAP

In early April of this year, I had an accident involving a sauna stove which I fell against from a pretty good height. My meeting with the stove resulted in first and second degree burns, a pretty deep cut and abrasion on the left side of my back, and a good amount of pain and shock. My partner had the presence of mind to locate a ride to the emergency room. She also grabbed the kit of Perelandra essences on the way out the door. On the way to the hospital, I opened a MAP coning and asked for some special assistance, and my partner tested me for essences. After opening the coning and taking the flower essences, I immediately felt better. I was able to stay conscious and focused during our trip to the hospital and during the question and answer session in the emergency room.

While we were waiting for the on-call doctor to show up, my partner continued to test me for essences. She did separate tests for the burn, the cut and abrasion, and the pain. She and our friend who drove us to the hospital remarked at how fast the burn seemed to be healing. The blisters were actually shrinking before their eyes, and the color of the skin around the cut was changing quite rapidly as well.

By the time the doctor showed up, an hour and a half later, the whole wound looked much better. The doctor cleansed and bandaged it and told me to see a surgeon in the morning about whether I would need skin grafts.

After arriving home, I tested and was told to keep the MAP coning open during the night. When I saw the doctor the next day, he was impressed at how well the burn looked. He said that it was well on its way to healing and would do so without any complications as long as we kept it clean. He also said that the whole wound would probably scab over in a few weeks, which would cause some pain and discomfort, but that would be normal.

He suggested that I get a tetanus shot. I do not like tetanus shots, but reasoned that it would be a good idea. Before getting the shot, I asked my MAP team to work with the tetanus and move whatever amount my body didn’t need right on through. I encountered absolutely no pain or discomfort from this shot.

After the initial trauma passed, we began testing essences for different aspects of the wound — the large area that was burned, a smaller deeply bruised area, and two separate deep gashes. Each area required a different essence combination. I found that the essences that were needed for the deepest part of the wound related to the core issues that I have worked with healing throughout my life. As I healed physically, I found myself viewing my life differently, and was able to shift some very old limiting patterns. With this accident, I literally crashed and burned. Through feedback gained from the essences, I was able to rebuild my life in new and constructive ways.

All in all, I was told to keep the coning open for four straight days, which I did. Three days after the accident, I was able to travel on a plane for six hours. The wound healed without forming a scab. Within four weeks, I no longer needed to bandage the wound. And now, about four months later, there is just a faint scar to remind me of this MAP miracle. I am very thankful for the support that MAP and flower essences provided during this experience.

— S.J., Alaska