by Joanne Contessa

Horses have been a part of my life for 22 years. The last 6 years I have focused primarily on the medical aspects of the equine. The tack stores and catalogs are full of miracle medicines, salves, and vitamins, all of which I used for years. Then, I was introduced to the homeopathic approach to horse care. I noticed Homeopathy worked extremely well and much more quickly than traditional medicines. It wasn't long before the medicine cabinet in my barn had completely changed. However, in order to treat these horses homeopathically, I needed a diagnosis of some sort. If I didn't have one, I reverted to traditional medicine. For the past year, I have worked at Perelandra where I discovered flower essences and co-creative energy processes. This stuff is phenomenal! More often than not, I focus on my horses rather than myself. It wasn't long before I had a "barn set" of essences and had used several of the energy processes with the horses. They responded very well to both. The "Nature Healing Coning for Animals" process showed me how invaluable this co-creative partnership is for my animals as well as myself. If you know the specifics of an illness, injury, or situation, you can apply traditional medicines and procedures. But, if you haven't a clue as to what you are dealing with, there is still a way to get help. Who better to ask than nature! I use kinesiology to get the answers to the many questions I have, and through testing for factors "x","y","z", etc., I am able to address the unknown elements of the illness or injury.

I have used the Nature Animal Coning on two horses in particular with outstanding results. One horse was impaled on a six to eight inch steel bolt that entered into the triceps (shoulder) muscle about seven inches before going downward for another six inches. Using the Nature Healing Coning process and the essences, the bleeding was immediately slowed to almost nothing and there was never any swelling, which was imperative for the sutures to hold. I also telegraph tested the shoulder symptoms for flower essence solutions. Later, I worked with nature to determine the loss of "range of motion" in the horse's shoulder and also to see how aggressive I could be while working with the scar tissue and adhesions. The horse is doing very well and is 98% sound after three months.

Another horse had two broken bones in his ankle and was confined to his stall for seven months. I worked with nature in deciding which herbs to use for poultices, and which to use for oral treatments. We were amazed at the horse's attitude and progress of the injury. After being allowed out of his stall in a restricted area for a limited time, I tested for information about the ankle. I found that the horse needed to be turned out into a larger area so he could walk more to increase the circulation and help the healing process. This horse has now had the "OK" to be ridden after only ten months!

I have also used flower essences on pregnant mares. In one case, I had to do a lot of telegraph testing to the unborn foal. In another, the foal needed a series of flower essences immediately after being born; he had absolutely no use of his hind end. Thanks to the flower essences, he was up and strong in about three and a half hours, although he looked a little tipsy from the brandy in the essences he took. In another case, a horse was choking for no apparent, obvious reason. I opened an Animal Coning and within minutes, the horse was fine. She had needed essences, and needless to say, so did I!