ETS Plus

I use ETS Plus for any ouch situation and it seems to start healing immediately, such as when I burn myself or cut a finger. I take the dropperful and stick my finger under cold water if I've burned myself. When I remove the finger, there is no sign of a burn. It heals very quickly in a day or two. I always keep ETS Plus within reach. After falling and breaking my wrist I took it on the way to the hospital, asking the ambulance person to hold the bottle as I used the dropper with my one good hand. I also used homeopathic solution for healing. After three weeks, I was at the doctor's office. Two x-ray technicians were walking with the x-rays, and since I was the only one in the waiting room I knew they were talking about my x-ray. I heard one insist, "It can't happen, a bone healing this fast." The doctor confirmed he couldn't understand how I could have healed so fast, but he was going to keep me in the cast for three more weeks anyway!

An even more amazing story comes from a hike I was on when a man behind me started exclaiming loudly that we had to get to the road fast because he couldn't breathe well and his chest was hurting. Someone said he was a diabetic and needed sugar. I looked back at the white sweating face and had another opinion. I fell back to walk next to him and ask if he'd take this emergency stuff I had. He said he was hurting so bad he'd take anything to feel better. I warned him it tasted like vinegar but wouldn't have any chemical effect. I administered the first dropperful in his mouth and five minutes later asked him to take the second, which he did. After that when I tried to give him the third, he said he thought he was okay. His color had returned and he had stopped sweating. I suggested, but didn't push the third and fourth dosage. We finally got to the road where others had called ahead for the ambulance. It was later confirmed that he had a heart attack.

Two weeks later, the man was in the parking lot where we gather for our hike. When he saw me, he walked over and said, "It was you who gave me that stuff, wasn't it?" I smiled and said "yes," and he smiled. It made me feel very special to have been able to help him with the ETS Plus. That week he wasn't hiking — he just wanted to see the group, and I feel he wanted to acknowledge to me, he and I knew what had stopped the heart attack. I tell people about ETS Plus and have given many bottles away. Sometimes someone will tell me they took it and it seemed to help. I know it does but it sounds strange to others, so now I wait until I see the right opportunity to pass the message.

— F.H., Morris, NY