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Update: July 2022

Keep Up Your Daily Support

Still the most important Perelandra Solutions.

We answered several questions about this recently, so it's likely a lot more of you are wondering, "If I'm generally healthy, should I still be taking my Virus, Bacteria and MBP Solutions twice a day?"

The short answer is yes.

And now we're going to repeat exactly what we said around this time last year. (If you groaned, you're not alone. But it's gotta be said!) We are not out of the woods yet and this is not the other side of a seasonal event. The microbial activity we've been experiencing is ongoing and is again changing in new ways beyond our normal patterns. It has proven to remain active regardless of the season and it is startling how much the latest changes are having an impact.

Keep being smart about how you approach commuting, travel, group events and socializing. The daily habits that have been supporting you through this challenging time are also still worth the effort, for your sake and others.

Important Daily Solutions

The Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution along with the MBP Immune, Lymphatic, Respiratory and Nervous Systems Balancing Solutions provide a good range of support in the best of times and are particularly important when we have unusual, increased, unpredictable microbial activity. The Solutions build and strengthen your systems over time and continue to provide support when taken daily. Consistency is key. The longer you take them, the better you can hold your own when faced with a serious issue.

This discounted combo includes these Most Important Daily Solutions right now — Virus, Bacteria, Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory in 2-oz. bottles. And, it includes the option to add discounted Nervous and/or ETS for Humans.

The environment is constantly evolving, which impacts our health and ability to hold our own on a daily basis. We still recommend everyone take these Solutions twice daily.

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Your Questions Answered

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