I have been using the Perelandra material for a few years now. My husband and I feed the birds and squirrels, but the squirrels kept getting onto the bird feeders and gobbling up all the seed.

I decided to make a contract with nature and did the steps for the squirrels to stay off of the feeders. I said that I would provide food for them in their own feeders, and the contract was set.

A week or so later my husband said, "So much for your contract with the squirrels. They are on the bird feeders again." I thought about it and asked him if he had filled their feeders lately. I checked and they were empty. Now I make sure our end of the contract is kept. We have happy squirrels, happy birds and a husband who does MAP conings for himself.

Thank you Perelandra for all that you do. It is greatly appreciated.

— M.F., Byron Center, MI