It's been a pleasure to finally start discovering your books. I've actually been running into Behaving . . . for years, but had always turned aside, thinking it was just another preachy, let's-all-just-become-vegetarians-and-live-in-peace books. I finally discovered how wrong I was by reading Secrets of the Soil. Of course, there were a few other minor lessons to learn too.

The garden was mostly in by the time I got the Workbooks, — too late for the designing process — but I've enjoyed trying out the energy processes. The best part about them is the four-point coning. Hurrah! I've done "energy work" for years now — the Church I belong to trains people to use their spiritual abilities, i.e., clairvoyance, etc. But, at last, here's a format that makes it safe and comfortable to work on the energy of a place without needing to round up a few other trained psychics to help. Once again, thank you. I'm so glad you've taken the time to share this information.

We roped off an area around two young oaks for our nature spirit sanctuary. It's amazing how much bigger the backyard looks and feels now. I'm looking forward to watching the changes in that area as I ease into working with nature in the garden.

I know that nature intelligences have been trying to get me to hear them for years. My husband pulled out some photos taken in the redwoods and one in a parking lot. They have these funny bright green clouds and a few white globes in the background. So some of us are a little slow. . . . It seems like your books are showing me the doors and handing me the keys, and I get the adventure of unlocking them and finding my way through. What could be better?

— R.W., California