MBP Balancing Solutions

Milo is a seven-year-old Siamese male cat. His life has been greatly enhanced by the MBP Digestive System Balancing Solution. When Milo came to live with me, he was just a kitten. He had been abused, had lived in a wall and only came out when someone would put a bit of food out. Often he was hungry if not starving. On his trip to live with me I think he got thirsty and somehow got into a poison of some kind.

From the beginning of our relationship he would have horrible days of vomiting. During the early days he couldn't eat anything. If I fed him it would throw him back into a cycle of vomiting. We did the Nature Healing Coning for Animals, essences, and when it became available, the MBP and the wonderful Organizing Process Chart. Gradually he became a healthy cat except for occasional cycles of throwing up. Once he started he would throw up all night, be put on a fast by me, and after three or four days be able to eat again. Once this cycle started again, the only solution seemed to be a fast, as suggested by nature, even though he would be craving food and stealing it if he could. Since a few days after he began taking the Digestive System Balancing Solution, this cycle has completely changed. Four or five days after beginning the solution he threw up once, walked over to the feed bowl, decided on his own that he didn't want to eat and the next day was back to normal! His digestion and elimination are both working much better. He occasionally has his cleaning out, eating some grass, cleansing. Then he is fine.

Milo and I both want you all to know how much we appreciate the solution and his new health. He is happier, more feisty, and more "mean," chasing his mate, attacking my feet, chasing the animals outside and in general having a wonderful time.

— S.F., Arkansas